Winning Trainers 2.0 Review

Winning Trainers 2.0 by Matt Bisogno Review.

(Note: Product is no longer available and links have been removed)You’ve probably seen one or two of Matt’s horse racing systems before. His trainer based approaches are something I’m a big fan of and as such he and I are pretty well aligned in how we go about rooting out profitable angles and “micro-systems”. In fact some of the stuff in his free “10 trainer based betting angles” video is scarily close to the stuff I’ve been working on totally independently of his work, so needless to say I think its top quality stuff!
The secrets he’s  sharing in this video will allow you to start what I think would be a very useful betting systems portfolio, some of these little systems are absolute gold, and I don’t say that lightly.
Get them right now – totally free here.

Yet look a little deeper and read between the lines and you’ll realise that with a little input of your own you could easily develop these ideas further still.

(Note: Product is no longer available and links have been removed)

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2 Responses to Winning Trainers 2.0 Review

  1. Chris says:

    I was one of the unlucky ones to fork out £97 for a set of lightly researched HRB micro-systems too. Luckily enough I was hugely disappointed with paper trading and will remain £97 down. If any of my own selections match Matt’s I usually ditch them, so I’ve probably paid £97 to save some cash.

    Matt is a good guy but I think he should ditch any more follow ups to this rubbish.

  2. brian cross says:

    It would appear that some 400 people have paid,or will before 12 months is up, £97 each,netting this guy nearly £40k. Nice work if you can get it. Results are appalling to date and i would suggest anybody who wishes to actually do slightly better than these results allow their child to think of a number and back it…it WILL be more successful. Half the guys suggested starting capital has been lost inside a month.

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