Winning Racing Tips 2014 Review

Ok so I’ve put this off for 2 months I guessed its finally time to put together my thoughts on what was one of the most challenging years for my e/w tipping service.
As with all things that you put off for fear of what you will find, this was like most things not as bad as expected – at least when correctly viewed in the wider context of long term betting.
Firstly, let me say that 2014 WAS profitable for Winning Racing Tips. Moreover it was the 9TH CONSECUTIVE PROFITABLE YEAR. (I know that’s shouting but I think its something to shout about). How many other services can you name that have made a profit in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014?

But getting back to focusing on 2014 – it was hard going. We started the year nicely in January with 11/1 and 8/1 winners putting the month nicely in front from a small number of bets. Things nosedived quickly though and the run that occurred between 30th January and 22 March was what did the damage. In an almost too bad to be true sequence I was only able to find 7 placed horses from 27 selections with zero winners and only one selection returning a profit! Losing runs are part and parcel of this business and its an unfortunate fact that they do happen, but this was a particularly galling run during which even those that looked nailed on to at least give a place return somehow found a way to finish outside the money.
It left us well into the year deep into the red and required a fair amount of faith and patience to recover from. Looking back the recovery was also difficult with periods of too many unplaced horses as well, it took until September before we was finally back in the black.
The year finished with a total of 240 bets, 122pts staked and profit of 4.29pts, 3.5% ROI.
Well down on what I’d expect and of course disappointing, but needs to be put in perspective and looked at along with the overall picture (see charts below for both 2014 and overall 2008 -2015) .Taking the figures from the winner on the 22nd March to the end of the year the ROI was back upto 12% – fairly close to the long term norm. So although the year as whole is poor, if we can file that losing run under the “freaky” tab, we are looking at decent enough performance overall.



That said I do want address a number of factors that could negatively effect performance.
Although I’ve found more bets in 2014 than I did in 2013, the racing for me was harder for the method of e/w value. We need 8 runner plus non handicap races and there seems a decline in these. So, with opportunities thin on the ground I may have been over keen on finding a bet when there wasn’t one on occasion and that obviously results in a lower standard of advice overall, which in theory could explain last years results. That’s one factor that will need attention in future going forward.
When things change though sometimes there’s new opportunities that arise and small field sizes certainly suit the doubles approach I’ve been testing over on my forum recently,  I’ve always liked this method and I’m going to be finding out over the coming weeks what sort of profits (if any) I can eek out of it. I’m fairly positive at this stage but we’ll see.
Going Forward
Its business as usual right now but I will be looking to make some changes to the service including an overhaul of the website, I’ll also be reviewing the pricing structure.
If you are an existing member who joining at the start of 2014 or before I’ll be happy discuss a special loyalty discount with you – please email me for more info.
If you are new to Winning Racing Tips you can trial the service for £7 via this link, and join at a special unadvertised rate of just £77 a quarter. Join Here

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