Wineachway System Review

Wineachway is a horse racing system by Lester Cavanagh, who last week gave us a sneak preview of his work with the Lower Class Masters system. Well this time the price is £47 so does his “Wineachway system” warrant you opening your wallet?

Well, its a basic system, that is based on what looks to be sound logic, and has a trainer element to it that certainly strikes a chord with me as being nice angle to exploit. Its nothing complicated, there are no odd rules and selections are easy to find. All of this is detailed in a 56page pdf – of which you only need bother to print the first 13 pages as the rest are just results.

As the name implies you can back either win or each way, both are profitable. Reading the manual I would mark it down for sloppy presentation, something that doesn’t at all make it hard to read but a few errors are annoying when you’ve paid for something I think (I might have got an early draft!?) Also it details a method of finding the selections which is long winded, there are easier ways to find the selections including checking one page of the Racing Post. I checked this and found Tuesdays selection (which was a winner at 14/1!).

The only other point I noted was that Lester plans to give subscribers (you are offered the chance to get the selections for an extra fee) access to the selections the night before racing. He quotes that this will enable you to take advantage of the best prices. Well that really depends on how many people are going to be using this. Its a double edged sword you see,  there is never going to be hundreds of pounds available on any horse at large double figure odds on Betfair the night before, and if the small liquidity that is there gets hammered, this could actually affect bookmakers opening prices as well, totally shooting itself in the foot. I’m not saying this will happen, but the potential is there and personally I’d err on the side of caution when with something like this, as any edge a system has, is 100% in the prices that are available, so if you start to affect the market, you blunt the system.

That aside lets that a look at historical performance:


Having looked at the yearly historical performance you have to say its impressive,
and I’ve myself proved it is possible to find systems that continue to work in real time, with my national hunt winners system which has continued in the same vein for two years since I first built it. However I will say although this is based on decent enough logic, and I like the idea, it has still very likely been built with an element of “cherry picking” based upon historical ROI, and the author gives no mention or proof that this system has been working in the real world. That said there is the 14/1 winner the other day which has bumped up this years haul to 30pts already, so it would at least appear to be working.

As with all systems though you’ll need to judge performance over the long term, which is something I plan to do with this. And I’ll certainly be keeping a keen eye on the progress of this.

 View the Wineachway sales page here.

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10 Responses to Wineachway System Review

  1. ROBERT says:

    Hi There

    Any update on profit/loss on wineachay.


    • paulr says:

      According to my HRB analysis the original system lost 27pts at SP backing EW throughout the whole of 2014 and upto now in 2015 from 164 bets.
      That would have obviously been better taking early prices and the rules on HRB are retrospective, i.e odds change throughout the day so this only considers SP. That said the results overall were discouraging.

  2. Atholl Blair says:

    I suspect the same as you Paul, with winners at 14/1 (twice?) and 7/4 in the last few days, most new purchasers should expect a losing run of 20,30,40, maybe higher, some time soon. The S/R is only 15% so that IS what’s going to happen. Woohoo. The day I get excited about 15% strike-rate systems is the day I’ll go poor 🙂

  3. paulr says:

    Hi Henrik –
    Errr, short answer no.
    I guess if your spreadsheet was clever enough then yes, but unlikely.
    Horseracebase will find the selections for you if you sign up and enter the system in, as will a quick glance in the Racing Post.

  4. Henrik says:

    Hi Paul, great review as always. This system looks great, it’s very rear to have that nice profit at SP. Do you think it would be possible to set up the rules to find the qualified horses on your own in an excel spreadsheet?

    Because I am looking for a system to run with a Betfair bot where you can set up rules within Excel and the system obviously needs to be profitable with Betfair. Do you know of any Bot and system that I can do this with? Do you have any experience with this?


  5. paulr says:

    14/1 Winner AGAIN on this today. Cant help thinking this years profits might already be water under the bridge, but I must admit its hard to argue with back to back 14/1 winners.

  6. paulr says:

    Thanks Chris.
    To be clear what is on offer here is a system that is essentially a set of parameters that have resulted in an “historical profit” (note: not actual profit) over the last 10 years. It has, I’m led to believe, been proofed since August – there is no reason to doubt that.
    The seller is offering this via Clickbank which means it has a 100% money back guarantee, which shows a level of faith in his system. So I’ve tried to be unbiased and give a view on it, and ultimately the robustness of the rules will only be proven over the coming months/years. But I certainly think this stands a better chance of profiting than a lot of stuff, and I am slightly annoyed that I didn’t come up with this myself.

    Feel free to contact me down the line for P/L updates on it.

  7. David says:

    If selections are easy to find why have an option to purchase these at £17 a month. Furthermore why has it taken 10 years to market this system.

  8. Chris says:

    Nice to see a totally unbiased review that points out potential pitfalls along with the common over indulgent annoying sloppy presentation problem and the potential backfitted results. There are plenty of people trying to push this at the moment and they’re all raving about it as if its a dead cert money tree (and maybe it is), which in itself should be rattling one or two cautionary alarm bells in my opinion.

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