Wineachway System Review – The Lower Class Masters System

Lester Cavanagh is another new name on the racing systems front.
He’s releasing a new system called “Wineachway” and I agreed to take a look at it.

The headline product isn’ t yet released as I write, however he is offering a free system called ” The Lower Class Masters System” which I’ve looked at.

So here’s my take on that. I think it’ll give you a good idea as to what you can expect from the main system and help decide if you want to trade your email address for it.

Firstly, this is a regular pdf document of which the system part takes up only 10 pages of the 38, with the remainder being printed results. Padding out with results is a pet hate of mine, why not simply provide a download link?
Anyway that minor gripe aside, on to the guts of the system.
Its based around jockeys and race types and prices, nothing difficult and kinda makes sense. It does have what I’d call “a whiff of backfitting about it” but thats not to say it’ll fall flat on its face, but its a fine line between picking rules based on historical performance and logic.  I can say that the claimed results for the last two years look correct having run the system through Horseracebase, however the profits do not continue back before 2011 where the system had mixed years. That said it could be that we’re looking at something thats “hot right now” but certainly I’d want to be looking at the stats again in a year. My verdict on the free system is that you’ll find more robust systems, but operating at the front of the market it should be relatively low risk.

The good news is this is free, so you can take a look and make your own mind up. I’ll probably save it and monitor its progress over the coming months.
You can get it here now.
(Bear in mind the free system will shortly be replaced by a new page – sorry)

The Wineachway System, (which I have already seen), is as expected more robust that the free system above and is more up my street. That will be released at the end of next week – check back here for my full review then.




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