Tbot – Daily Punt Lays – 100% Automatic and Profitable?

Been testing out a piece of software for laying on Betfair.
It solves the old problem of having specific rules to implement but simply not enough time to either find or actually place the bets. Often a system can look great on paper but the high turnover of bets can actually make it almost impossible to follow in the real world where it is practically impossible due to the shear number of bets.
I have long been a believer in the “high turnover” approach to betting.
The higher the number of bets the lower the individual stakes can be, the more robust the the figures are and less time is required to get a grip on the edge that the system may or may not have. Bottom line is high turnover approaches are good in all but their practicality.
So having a bot do the work is an ideal scenario.
That said I’ve been outspoken in my anti-bot stance in the past as often dodgy characters will try and sell you a “click and win” solution that is nothing more than an elaborate stop at a winner approach or worse a Fibonacci stakes doubling fast track route to the poor house.
Darren Power of Betting School is one of the long serving recognized publishers of good quality betting reports and magazines, and having spoke to him I was interested in the new bot he was testing. He’s only been running it since September but initial signs are promising and perhaps more importantly it looks to be based on the type of well thought out systems that I like.

Bet Scheduler for Daily Punt Lays is an auto betting tool, it will place all of the lays from Darrens Daily Punt Lays service.  It total it works on four stats based laying systems that have been developed by Darren using Horse Race Base.
Bundling all selections together obviously reduces the risk and hopefully increases the profit, the systems themselves are not secret, the basis of them has been discussed on the Daily Punt website –  they are based on:
Laying horses on their first run, excluding trainers which have historically done well first time, a handicap debutantes system, an irish bumper favourite system and a horses that won last twice system.

If you want to try it out you can test it free for 7 days here.
I’m running it personally so get in touch (via comments section) for my latest updates.
As with anything of this nature it will take a good amount of time to get a grip on performance.

Update – Here are my daily P/L figures using the bot with £10 liability setting:

date p/l notes
6/1/14 -£6
7/1/14 +£2.93
8/1/14 +£5.08
9/1/14 -£31.92
10/1/14 +£23.26
11/1/14 +£9.37
12/1/14 +£13.03
13/1/14 +£3.36
14/1/14 £0 (missed days trading as computer off – would have been about +£10)
15/1/14 +£6.98
16/1/14 +£41.63
17/1/14 -£26.24
18/1/14 -£5.29
19/1/14 +£0
20/1/14 +£3.49
21/1/14 +£3.91
22/1/14 -£7.47
23/1/14 -£38.85
24/1/14 -£22.61
25/1/14 +£1.71
26/1/14 -£7.21 missed 3pm on would have been about -£10
27/1/14 +£12.84
28/1/14 £0
29/1/14 £0 pc/settings issues
30/1/14 £0 pc/settings issues
31/1/14 +£5.85 activated late
1/2/14 +£13.49
2/2/14 -£30.83
3-6/2/14 £0 Tbot not working as failed to set up
7/2/14 +£56.20
8/2/14 -£11.83
9/2/14 +£24.90
10/2/14 -£12.24
11/2/14 -£1.95
12/2/14 -£14.12
13/2/14 +£1.31
14/2/14 +£4.11
15/2/14 +£16.06
16/2/14 £0 no selections
17/2/14 +£3.62
18/2/14 £0 didn't turn on was about -2.5
19/2/14 +£20.01
20/2/14 +£14.43
21/2/14 +£19.37
22/2/14 -£4.62  dropped connection would have been -£24.62
23/2/14 -£3.29
24/2/14 -£46.11
25/2/14 -£0.51
26/2/14 +£15.91
27/2/14 -£1.34
28/2/14 +£16.78
1/3/14 -£30.06
2/3/14 -£16.10
3/3/14 -£3.33
4/3/14 +£1.41
5/3/14 -£19.28
6/3/14 -£18.85
7 to 10/3/14 +18.14
11/3/14 +£39.76
12/3/14 +£1.84
13/3/14 -£7.44
14/3/14 +£29.74
15/3/14 +£8.59
16/3/14 -£20.62
17/3/14 +£7.71
18/3/14 +£5.59
19/3/14 -£45.22
20/3/14 +£8.25
21/3/14 +£4.78
22/3/14 +£20.00
23/3/14 +£6.61
24/3/14 +£5.53
MY Running Tbot P/L +£64.25

Unfortunately I’ve messed up on a few days, due in part to my PC being less than 100% reliable and also my own forgetfulness. So the above data doesn’t represent the true performance 100%. I will continue with this for another month or so, with a -£200 stop loss.

If you want to try it out you can test it free for 7 days here.

Tbot is from the Betting School stable of information, for more info see This Video 


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12 Responses to Tbot – Daily Punt Lays – 100% Automatic and Profitable?

  1. Mat Hare says:


    Any update on how this is going? I’m a big fan of lay betting but it seems to be pretty niche in terms of tipster services & systems so if there is anything out there that works I am keen to give it a go

  2. Franklyn says:

    Good evening all,

    Here are the dutching races for tomorrow 18th February 2014.

    Sthl 4.40 p.m. Gogeo, Dallance

    Taun 2.05 p.m. Branlingham Breeze Over My Head

    3.10 p.m. Ceasar Milan Filatore

    3.45 p.m. Virak Tornado In Milan.

    There are four races altogether and two selections in each race only. Please study the selections and then make the decision to Back or Lay or abstain. The choice is yours. Happy punting to make a profit. Thank you.

  3. Franklyn says:

    Good evening All,

    I have a dutching system which is working well at the present and produced today 5 out of 6 at Southwell. I will try and post the races later on this evening for tomorrows races if there are any only two selections per race. You can either choose to do one of them or both the choice is yours. Thank you.

  4. Franklyn says:

    Good afternoon all,

    Here are the LAY selections today at Kempton.

    Kemp 5.15 p.m. Beauchamp Sunset
    5.45 p.m. Thane Cawdor
    6.15 p.m. Only Ten Per Cent
    6.45 p.m. Global Explorer
    7.45 p.m. Pour La Victoire

    These selections are from a system I have already put on the website yesterday and are based from the first three in the Betting forecast of the Sun Newspaper. If you use any other newspaper or the Racing Post you may get different selections. Please paper trade and see if you get the same selections from your newspaper as I have given on this website. Please remember the odds can be larger or smaller and hat this system have horses that WIN instead of losing. I do not control the odds on the betting exchanges or in the shops so you need to go through the Selection for the race together with all the other runners and satisfy yourself that it will Loose and the price is right for laying albeit you can do trading and make a profit before the race starts so that whatever the result you WIN and make a Profit. Thank you.

  5. Franklyn says:

    Good evening Paul,

    Laying is dangerous as a lot of money can be lost by a punter and the only one that benefits is the BOOKIE however if a system is 100% then it is worth laying although again always there will be a chance that after 60 losers along comes a WINNER and takes the Bank but again that depends on the odds that you lay the horse at. I have around 50 Laying systems that I am willing to share at absolutely no cost to anyone if they are interested and they are all at this present time successful. I have also Winning systems that have been successful to date. Thank you.

    • paulr says:

      Franklyn – there is no bookie with laying – just other punters on Betfair and the exchange commission to deal with. The bot is set at £10 liabilty per lay, so its relatively low risk you can never lose a lot of money on that setting and I keep a close eye on it anyway.
      I’m always interested in seeing system so please do share either on the forum on this site or feel free to email me, paul at bettingprofitsbulletin.com

      • Franklyn says:

        Good morning Paul,

        Thank you for replying. I will put on this site the Lay system which can be used with any newspaper but the one I am using at the moment is the Sun newspaper although different selections may be given. I have set it out below.
        The first step is choosing a race preferably with 8 runners or more as It is a LAY system. Second step is from the first three in the betting forecast LAY the selection that has a difference greater than the other. (1) Catterick 2.30 p.m. 15/8 Hawaii Five Nil 2/1 Persian Herald 6/1 Lysino the selection would be Lysino. (2) 3.20 p.m. 9/4 Blake Dean 11/4 The Clock Leary 4/1 Bonnets Vino the selection would be Bonnets Vino. It aims at 2nd and 3rd Favourites in the Betting forecast however as you know that the actual betting may not be the same. It is very simple and quick and within 10 minutes when you are used to the system you will have all the selections for the day of course each one of us has a maximum Lay price and I would stick to it and STOP when a profit has been made for the day it maybe small such as £10 but that is better than losing all your money at the end of the day what you have WON as well as your stake that has been set for the day. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you.

  6. chris says:

    So far not good, maybe the guy who picks these horses is still hung over from xmass, what i dont understand is its ok to get a fav beat but to allso lay the same horse in the place market is uter madness, i want his job as he knows nothing about horse racing

  7. john says:

    For a moment there I actually thourght I would be getting a “free trial”. These free days and then subscription charges are not for me Paul, a free trial should be exactly that. Sorry count me out.

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