Statpicks – New Tipping Service Review

Stat Picks is a brand new, stats based, low cost tipping service from the guy behind the hugely successful Stat of the Day feature over at
As you may or may not be aware, I’m a great fan of that particular in house tipping service. You can read my review on this site.
So naturally when I heard about this new offering I wanted to take a closer look.
Matt has helped Chris launch this new service, its not been done with all the bells and whistles you often see, but just a low key release to those “in the know” loyal followers.
Well I don’t believe in keeping good things “undar the radar!” And its not often something new hits the market from someone with a superb, proven track record, that’s also conducted a 100% open trial of the new service for all to see.

The “stat of the day” tipping feature on Geegeez, has produced something like 320pts profit since 2012 (that’s from 1pt  daily bets), and has rightly gained a lot of credit.
When scanning the daily racing for strong statistical trends pointing to value bets, Chris is often forced to choose between a number of selections to pick the “stat of the day” selection, which is a strictly one a day service. That obviously has its benefits in being selective, but drawbacks when it comes to days that throw up several strong contenders.
So that’s where this dedicated service comes in. Statspicks generally throws up between, 0-5 selections daily, bringing about a higher turnover which can be beneficial in many ways whilst obviously meaning a marginally higher workload.
During the trial of the service he made 29pts profit from 78 betting days. Naturally the ROI was slightly lower than SotD (as should be expected with the higher turnover) at 11%ROI and going forward Chris says he hopes to achieve a realistic 12-15% ROI and 10-12pts profit a month.
Whilst I’d stop short of giving my full recommendation to this new service with the time-frame being relatively short, I’d say that if you like your bets to be based on value and logic, and prefer to deal with genuine straight up, no BS people – then you could do a whole lot worse than getting started with this with a £7 trial month here.

Our live trial of Statpicks is online here:

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9 Responses to Statpicks – New Tipping Service Review

  1. Chris says:

    11.83pts up so far this month.
    24.71pts last month (August)

  2. Paulm says:

    Just wanted to say that as somebody who appreciates a stats based view and clear rationale behind selections, i fully support the statpicks service. As Paul R stated you must give a system a significant chance to demonstrate its value over the longer term. This service is a solid option to add to any betting portfolio that keeps your returns ticking along nicely and with average odds of 11-4 it produces the goods and is certainly not betting at odds on! I find that it compliments my own form study and selections really well. There are a sufficient number of bets, usually 2 or 3 per day, 6 days per week. Strike rate for the service is around the 27% mark and if you considered the horses that had finished either 1st or 2nd (certainly with a few recent unlucky horses going down by narrow margins) that rate is actually nearer 50% which as someone who likes to get a run for my money pleases me no end. Long may it continue ?

  3. Chris says:

    Average price is around the 11/4 mark and there’s 40pts profit in the last 6 months.

  4. stanley says:

    very disappointed with results,prices too short a loss on this service for myself.

  5. malcolm says:

    Any Updates lads ???

  6. malcolm says:

    Whats the latest on this service Paul ?

  7. dave says:

    The first thing a winner must do is pay for the losers that preceded it. And the problem with backing shorties all the time is that they don’t pay for enough losers to ensure a profit overall.
    The above comments are from chris at statpicks,all the tips he has given to me have been very short,even an odds on & all have lost.
    I have subsequently very quickly cancelled my subscription

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