Simple Breeding Systems that Over-Deliver

Have you ever heard the phrase “Keep it simple stupid” or KISS principle?
The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated. Well I’ve been following two breeding based systems that are so simple it is unbelievable and the profits that they’ve accumulated have to be seen to be believed.

The first system I call “The Punters Sire”. And its totally free and you can even get the selections free via my forum thread here:

Its quite hard to fathom how profitable this system has been, as quite frankly its outperforming any manner of tipsters and systems,  since I started monitoring it in 2012, there have been 511 bets of which 93 have won for a profit at industry SP of 150.95 pts. The maths savvy amongst you will realise that’s a very nice ROI of around 30% and the odds-savvy will note that profits at SP like that are very rare and can of course be improved upon significantly using early/best odds prices and/or Betfair.
In 2014 so far we’ve had an avalanche of winners at big prices suggesting this system is far from petering out. In January there were winners at 20/1, 25/1, and 16/1, and in February the double figure winners kept rolling with winners at 22/1, 16/1, 28/1 and 20/1. Overall the system is 126.9 pts up this year for a ROI of 135%.

If you’re thinking this is all a bit of a freak though consider results without 2014 – before this year the system AVERAGED 76pts profit a year, with every year in profit, since 2007.
The ROI working out at 31.6% over those 7 years.

The rules and selections are all on this site via the link above.  🙂

2nd on the list of very simple yet very effective systems that are making hay is “The American Connection”.  A system that I’ve mentioned before on here. And yet another free offering that has been providing huge profits.
I originally started following this one in January 2011 and since that date the stats are 111.51pts profit from 332 bets, again a massive return at industry prices. That’s a Return on Investment of over 33%. This one has had only 2 losing years since 2003!!
Again you won’t believe how simple this system is.
You can download a free copy via this link. Or the rules are given away in this video.

Lastly I can’t mention big priced winners without mentioning Malcolms Maydan forum thread, in January he tipped a £1 reverse forecast and got the 25/1 winner and 33/1 second.
A bet that paid out £699.83!! There’s another Meydan card on Saturday so check the forum for his tips.
I’ve also created a thread for your Cheltenham fancies/tips, please share any bets thoughts you’ve got on the festival here.
I’ll be posting daily selections based on a systematic/trends approach come next week, which I will share with you over the coming days so look out for that!


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