Over Under Pro Review and Live Trial

Over Under Pro is a football tipping service backing in the over/under goals markets across various European matches. It’s a relatively new service I’m reviewing , which according to the BettingGods site has been going since September. Now here at BPB I like to know a bit about a tipster, their background, their methods etc. In this instance we’re not presented with any of that. So whilst caution is normally advisable, the price of this service is such that you can try it out without fear of getting mugged.


Along with the low cost, the draw of the service for me is the high strike rate.  If you can get this working for you there’s plenty of scope to grow a small bank fairly quickly.For example this could lend itself to an aggressive staking plan such as 20% rolling stakes, or the “expanding staking plan” where you vary the stakes between 1/9th and 1/5th of your bank (message me if you want it).  The quoted ROI is 8.5%, but I wouldn’t be paying to much attention to that, you see when backing at odds on, which you will be with this, the ROI can only ever be a maximum of 100% and some individual winners will only be say 30%, i.e a winner at 1.30. Bottom line is at these odds its all about strike rate and bank growth. If you can make a few points a month you’re doing very well indeed.

So how does it stack up in my live trial? Follow my results via the spreadsheet below which I will keep updated. As of today, Friday 13th Feb, 11 of the 14 selections have been winners for a 2.85pt profit.
Very early days but still, looking good so far.
You can sign up for £4.95 for your first 30 days, then either £9.95 a month, £24.95 a quarter, or £79.95 for life. (Ex Vat)

View proofed results to date here (opens in new tab)


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