The Insider – Definitely one for the portfolio – Highly Recommended

When you’re looking at betting systems, tipsters and the like, have you ever considered what might be an adequate review period?

Before I attempt to provide an answer to this conundrum, I’m going to share a couple of my observations with you.
-Most don’t last the course.
-Most sellers don’t care.

I make these observations based on over a decade of being a customer, a tipster, and a publisher.
Think about it for a while, have you ever taken note of and listed all of the “top” performing tipsters, hidden that note away for a couple of years and then came back to it?
I have.

And I’ve done this several times over.

Even based on an ultra conservative estimate I’d say that you’re looking at over 50% of these “top performers” that aren’t even in existence 2 years on. Take that 2 years up to five years and you’re looking at a very elite band of services that actually survive long term.

So in truth I can’t give you a definitive answer as to what an adequate review period is.
But what I can say is that I think the majority certainly seem to be basing their judgements on insufficient evidence, which makes the task of finding an “elite” service even harder.

The Insider Service is one of these “elite” few that stand out as having stood the test of time.

How can I say this with total confidence?

Because I’ve been backing their selections myself for almost four years!

I wanted to tell you about this now as the UK football season and most of the Euro leagues are over or coming to end very soon, and collecting my winnings from the bookmakers has almost become a “ritual” at this time.
You see the Insider service is an Ante-post tips service that provides tips on long term events such as League Titles, European Cups, Tennis tournaments, in fact almost any sporting event and even some non sporting (such as Sports Personality of the Year).

Ante Post betting can be seen as a little boring in some quarters, there’s no instant gratification of the daily punt, and often you’ll have to wait many months before seeing your money again- if at all. But the benefits outweigh these marginal negative points by some way. So before I share with you the bets that have made me quite happy recently, I want to tell you about the not so obvious benefits of subscribing to a service like this.

  •  Betting in Long term markets, instils a “long term mindset”, it encourages you to take a long term view, which is essential if you want to succeed at any type of betting.
  • Its akin to investing – only with much better returns.
  • Once you’ve been following for a few months you’ll find you have an interest in almost every major sporting event. Having a financial interest adds to the enjoyment of watching – if you want to!
  • Unexpected large returns. There have been quite a few occasions when winning bets have been settled and I didn’t even realise. I cant tell you how gratifying it is to login to a bookmaker account only to find a few hundred quid that you didn’t expect.

Ok so let me share with you this seasons highlights:

Football, Scots Div 1, Ross County to win 0.25pt e/w @ 10/1 WON +£105
Football, Scots Div 2, Cowdenbeath to win 0.5pt e/w @  6/1 WON +£126
Football, Scots Div 2, Arbroath to win 0.25pt e/w @ 14/1 placed +£15.75
Football Scots Div 1 and 2, Hamilton or Ross County, Cowdenbeath or Arbroath, 4 x 1/8th pt each way doubles @ 11/4,6/1,9/1 & 14/1. WON (1x win double plus two place doubles.) +£346.72

I was given the winner of Scots Div 1 @ 10/1, the winner and 2nd in Div 2 @ 6/1 and 14/1! Including the advised doubles my total winnings from the Scottish Leagues were £593.47. Not bad at all (and last year the profits were close to £1000 from Scottish Football!)

But perhaps the best football result was in Germany, where the bet was:

Football, Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund to win 2pts e/w @ 5/1. WON +£466.67

This season I was also on Victoria Azarenka @ 10/1 to win the Aus Open Tennis, and in the Premier League there was a successful 3pt bet on Aston Villa to finish in the bottom half @ 11/10.

Obviously I’ve backed other winners/losers as well, and I’ve got many open bets as will always be the case with an ongoing service like this, but I’m more than happy with the profits.

So good profits but there have been some painful near misses as well recently;
Take the Europa League for instance, a competition that the Insider Service had tipped the winner at big odds for the last couple of seasons, this year I was on Athletic Bilbao @ 20/1 e/w, that’s another bet that I’ve secured £135 profit from even though they lost in the final. (I ignored the advice to hedge the bet which would have netted me another £90!).

The insider also tipped Stephen Maguire e/w for the World Snooker Champs @ 20/1 which only went down in the semi final. And perhaps more painfully Clermont to win the Heineken Cup (Rugby) who also went down at the semi final stage thanks to this “no try” (see about 4.15 in) which meant I missed out on a potential profit of £504.


But all in all I can say that following this service has netted me over £3.5k in total, from small stakes of only £30-£35 a point, even though I often miss some advices or don’t follow the advice given!
So in summary:

It’s highly enjoyable to follow, especially if you’re a sports fan like myself.

Its thoroughly proven over the long term, and comes highly recommended.

You can try it out for free and the ongoing cost is so low you won’t even notice it.
Click here to read more / sign up.
If you’ve any questions please submit them as comments below this article and I’ll answer them so that everyone can see.

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5 Responses to The Insider – Definitely one for the portfolio – Highly Recommended

  1. Mnkbiz says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for the recommendation. I subscribed today and are looking forward to the service. One question on the bets you follow, do you follow the bets in the magazine or only the ones emailed to you? Or have I missunderstod how the bets are supplied?


    • paulr says:

      Its been a while since I did the review and I don’t get the time to place all their bets nowadays, but I’d go with both emailed and the postal ones, only when you can get the prices though.

  2. Its only a free trial if its free, why do you want my bank details.Prove your service with a genuine free trial if its what you say i will join for a year. yours in sport c.palfrey

    • paulr says:

      Hi Colin,
      Its a free trial if you dont pay in my book?
      They have to have some kind of small future commitment from you otherwise it wouldn’t be manageable. The trial period isn’t going to be long enough to prove the profitability as its a long term service, its more to show you the quality and to act as a “cooling off period”.
      At the end of day you have to choose who you trust, and if you don’t believe what I’ve said about this service then that’s fine with me, I’m just trying to help and it really wouldn’t be in my interests to pass people on to rip-off merchants or useless services.


  3. Peter Colledge says:

    Hi Paul, Always love your posts…thoroughly entertaining and, above all, honest. I personally don’t bet ante-post on anything. It’s the working class lad in me…instant gratification. But if I did, The Insider would be my first port of call. All the best, Peter Colledge

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