A Guaranteed winner this weekend plus your best bets for profiting from the Premier League

Bet365 are at it again with their free £5o in play bet offer.
If you’ve done this before, you’ll know the drill. If not allow me to explain:
You place a £50 bet(or less) on the Man Utd Liverpool game pre match with Bet365, laying the bet off on Betfair so that you will only lose a small amount whatever the outcome.
You use a tool such as oddsmatcher to find an option that will not cost you much, i.e the odds are fairly close.
At which point you will have effectively “bought” a free £50 inplay bet.
You will then “match” that free bet (at half time is best) by looking for something you can back with Bet365 on the same match in play – that you can lay on Betfair at similar odds.
This part needs to be over 4/1 ideally, as that will give you more profit, and you will need enough fund to cover the lay on Betfair (around £250 for instance).
You will use the calculator(or work out manually) at half time to work out your stakes, as you will be “under laying” the selection to provide a profit whatever the outcome.
For example, say you place your £50 free bet at half time on the draw, which for arguments stake is at 4/1, you stand to win £200 from Bet365 if that result comes in.
Nothing if doesn’t and you’ll get your £50 back. Not a bad situation but we want guaranteed money.
So here’s what you do.
Say the lay price for the draw (or whatever else is in that price range) is 5.4 (decimal price) on Betfair. You take your potential winnings from Bet365 of £200 and divide that by 5.4.
That works out £37.03. Bingo you have your lay stake.
So you lay £37.03 at 5.4 on Betfair, your liability will be £162.96, and your potential profit would be £35.18 after commission @ 5%. You will get your £50 back on the losing bet with Bet365 so you’ve made £35.
Should the Bet365 bet win you’ll net £200 from that bet and lose £162.96 on Betfair, again you’ve won. +37.03.
The calculator will work it out exactly including commission but if you’ve no access this is the best way.
Here’s an example of the qualifying bet/lay:
In this example you back Man Utd @ 1.8 with Bet365 and lay @ 1.87 on Betfair.
You’ve “bought” the free bet at £3.02.
2014-12-12_1548Remember to make sure you have enough in your Betfair account to cover both lays!
You’ll be making £30-£35 depending on what odds you get/take .

There are many offers similar to this every weekend on the Premier League, not necessarily offering a guaranteed profit, but very often they are offering what I’d call “guaranteed value”. It is a case of sorting the wheat from the chaff however and also being a little clever with your bets.
For instance we’ve taken advantage of one such offer to find winning 5 folds at odds of about 11/2 the last two weekends running! In fact out of five weeks attempting this bet – we’ve only lost the bet once – we’ve been refunded twice!

This weeks main bets are all online now on this thread: http://bettingprofitsbulletin.com/forum/football-betting-forum/premier-league-trades/page-4/

Its an exciting weekend’s action with plenty of value in the offers and otherwise.
Good Luck!

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