Grab a free £35 from Stan James, here’s how.

You’ll have to act quickly on this as its for the 3.05 race at Cheltenham today,  so I’ll cut to the chase. You’ll need a StanJames account, a Betfair account funded with at least £140, and a mobile phone. (Android or iPhone ideal, but others should also work)
Here’s the detail of the offer.
You’ll need to go to on your mobile phone which should automatically tell you how to get the app on your phone. (Click below to see detail)
 Having got the app installed you need to open it, login to your account, and then place a £50 win bet on in the 3.05 Cheltenham race today. The horse you select will be dependant on how close the odds are, I’m doing Overturn as at the time of writing you can back it at 4.5 with StanJames and lay it on Betfair at 4.8 (or 4.7).
For the next calculation I’ve used
Here’s exactly what stakes you need to so to secure the £35.
That’s it, hope you can take advantage of this. I’ve probably got the only phone in the world that this wont run on (A Palm Pre), but I’m sure most of you will have no issues with the app. I’m off to put the sim in my old Sony Ericsson! 😉

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8 Responses to Grab a free £35 from Stan James, here’s how.

  1. MadHatter says:

    Cheers Paul – you made my day. 🙂 Had to borrow the wife’s phone but I am £44 better off with Sanctuaire 19.0/19.5 (had just enough in Betfair to cover the liability) – wasn’t sure if the offer was Stake Returned or not as I couldn’t find for sure so played it safe as SNR as per your example.
    By the way, there’s another good offer for tomorrow Chelsea-Man City at Bet365:

    Place a pre-match bet on the Chelsea v Man City game and we will give you a free In-Play bet to the same stake on the big match.
    To qualify for your free In-Play bet, simply place a bet before kick-off, then once the game starts place another bet on any In-Play market. If your FIRST In-Play bet loses we will refund this stake, up to the same value as your largest pre-match bet (max £50).

    Thanks again!

    • paulr says:

      Nice one.
      The above calculator doesn’t have the exact offer of “stake returned if loser”. Its designed for free bets that you get when opening accounts you see. So I used the “stake not returned” in the above example as it wasn’t a free bet to start with but our own money.
      You can use the calculator for the Bet365 offer too…
      Use the qualifying bet option, to lay off your pre match bet with Bet365 on Betfair. Then use the “free bet – stake not returned” option on the inplay bet to part lay it off and gaurantee a profitable outcome overall.
      As always double check your figures and the terms before placing bets.

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks for the heads up on that Paul.
    Thats £34 on its way!!

  3. kaf128 says:

    Surely this applies with ANY new account you open where a free bet is given.
    Lay it off on the exchanges. It has limited use, though, as most of us already have accounts with pretty well everybody !

  4. Brian says:

    Hi Paul,
    I’d love to take advantage but Stan James closed my account due to my “betting patterns” i.e winning!

    • eric says:

      Now then Brian
      where have I heard that story before? 🙂
      same thing happened me-have long been of the opinion that
      bookmakers only want you to bet on what they want you to bet on! Its all very well people finding their own punting niche and looking to exploit it-but you certainly need a shed full of accounts because it doesnt take much of win to find your account closed:-) its the excuses that are made that I marvel at(to close them that is)


  5. jakilad says:

    Nice 1 paul, well spotted am on it cheers

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