Goal Profits Review – Part One

So I’ve decided to review goal profits, starting off with my initial impressions in this, part one of the review.
What is It?
Ok, Goal Profits isn’t just a subscription tipping service or a method for trading football matches in play. Steve Brown, who runs Goal Profits, describes it as a football trading community.
If that sounds a bit naff let me elaborate..
Upon logging on to the Goal Profits members area for the first time it all a little over whelming. Its almost a case of “where do I start”.
Being a skeptic at heart I was right away thinking “is this a case of quantity over quality?”

To be fair there is both a welcome video and a welcome pack and quick start guide for newbies. But even so I found that 2 hours in and I’d still not really scratched the surface, such is the depth and amount on content.
Here is a snapshot of the members area home, (which incidentally I had to reduce to font size just to squeeze it all in!)

Under the goals profits manuals tab, you will find NINE pdf downloads to read, plus another few such as the Lay The Draw manual amongst others.
On top of all that information you get another 20 odd pages of pdf’s from seasoned trader Kevin Laverick. According to the site, Kevin has been hit with the Betfair Premium charge basically meaning he’s been very successful with his trading (to the tune of +£250000)

At this point I feel it only fair to point out at not everything is included for your £37 a month with Goal Profits. There are various ebooks for sale within the members section, some are only £7, but Kevin Laverick’s ebook offerings are £27 and upwards, with the whole lot costing £149 as a package.
It would be easy to snarl at this, but the impression I’m getting isn’t that the vendors here are out to gleam every penny out of you, but that of an all encompassing range of strategies offered under one roof by a variety of people.
If you want to develop your own in play trading strategies, and I certainly think you should, nothing is stopping you, and Goal Profits isn’t only something that I think will help in that regard, but that also encourages you to do so.

That brings me onto that community side of it.
You’ve immediately got access to both an active chat area, and a forum. At the time I was logged in there were around 50 others online, so this really is a active community, not just an empty fad.

Next up is the statistics side of things, this is perhaps where a lot of the value lies in this.
I’ve only had time to take a brief look at these, and I’ve never seen such wide ranging tailored set of comprehensive stats designed purely for trading – its clearly a unique pieice of software running this and it says a lot that there are explanation manuals required to go through before you can start to decipher what stats you’re looking at.


So, you can see they aren’t messing about here. Although initially overwhelming all this can be, I’m getting the impression of a massively well researched and polished service.
And of course you could argue that all of this is surely overkill, but is there ever such thing as too much knowledge?
Next up is the videos.
There are three well made correct score trading videos. This is perhaps the best place to start as I find no amount of writing explains a technique better than actually seeing it done.
The strategies and what you get:
The name kind of gives it away to a degree, Goals are what they are hunting for in the main. The correct score market appears to have two main strategies with the A strategy being the headline one. Having seen this in action it is fair to say it is a slightly more advanced technique but certainly not too difficult on the face of it. What I think appeals most about this strategy is the low stakes required and the steady regular returns with no major surprises or big losses. The idea with this is slow and steady growth. Liabilities using £10 stakes (£10 = 100% in GoalProfit terms!)  aren’t more than £30-£40 per game. That said losing runs will happen with this.
Looking at the published profits for correct score system A
2014 +£1400 (To August)
I’ve no reason to discredit these results, and certainly the way they are presented is open and transparent. It does show however that it’ll suit people that are disciplined and patient, as many many matches may need to be traded before a nice winning one is found, and it may take months before you can start to look at a few hundred pounds profit.
Along with this main “A” system you get a lay the draw approach and quite a number of other promising looking “members systems”. I think I’ll be looking at those in more detail in the next post.  My initial opinion on the strategy A is that it looks sound, but that there’s a whole lot more on offer than just this one strategy.
Aside from everything that’s within the members area on the website, you also get a daily email from Steve with a rundown of the previous days trades, what happened and how he actually played each match, as well as a list of qualifying matches for the main strategies that day. Its worth pointing out that due to the nature of the in running matches Steve doesn’t actually give you real time instruction on exactly what money to put where and when, what you get is match selection and detailed instruction and advice on how to play it.
Workload and commitment
Its apparent that there is a fairly steep learning curve with Goal Profits, largely because there’s so much to take in from what seems to be an established and profitable trading community. When you join you’re going to need to set aside a chunk of time to familiarise yourself with the systems, terminology and trading strategies and techniques. After that its a case of how many matches you have the time to trade.

Summary (thus far.)
From the amount of information, stats and content as well as the daily updates that Steve provides, its clear that he’s really devoted to this service, and to making it work for others. Certainly not a case a quantity over quality by any stretch of the imagination. Next I’ll be testing some of the strategies myself an reporting back and providing more insight to the bonus and side angles that Goal Profits offers.

If you want to sign up here is the link: Goal Profits


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3 Responses to Goal Profits Review – Part One

  1. Ian says:

    Hi Paul, the one question that springs to mind when you’re reviewing various services. If you are getting a commission from sales streamed from your site, can your reviews to totally unbiased? In no way am I questioning your integrity, but it’s a thought that will occur to lots of people. I would welcome your comments.

    • paulr says:

      No that’s a good question.
      And I think everyone should be aware that almost all site owners have vested interests in their reviews. Whilst I have been a bit lapse with my reviews over the last couple of years I’d like to think that the content I have provided has always been a fair reflection, I’m obviously not naturally going to focus on the negatives when I’ve got some kind of revenue linked in, but I like to think that I try not to avoid them and point them out where I see them in products.
      You’ll also find lots of articles on here that have no links at all and are just there for the benefit of the reader I hope.

      Although I dont post a lot of negative reviews, I always give my opinion on things that people contact me about.

      Essentially though my ethos is that I’m approaching this from a punters perspective, my job is to help MY READERS make money from betting. If I’m recommending crap then I’m not doing a very good job! Likewise If I recommend things that work for them then I am doing a good job an everyone including myself hopefully, is making a deserved profit.

  2. Steve Brown says:

    Paul, thanks for sharing your initial thoughts. It’s always useful to receive feedback so that I can improve whatever is not quite working. I know that there is a lot to take in at first and I hope that the welcome video was able to point you in the right direction. I have tried to keep things as organised as possible for easy navigation.

    Team Stats is huge; both in terms of value and sheer size! I have recently added notations so that if you hover your cursor above a column heading a little description pops up. Hopefully that helps newer members from having to refer back to the Team Statistics Manual too often.

    In-play support is a tricky one. I am in the chat room for nearly all trades so I can – and do – offer advice in-play. You’re correct that I can’t say “back this for x” or “lay this for y” because there’s just not enough time but members are not left to fend for themselves. The Correct Score Manual details what to do and when for a number of situations and for anything else, I’m right there. Even when I’m busy there are a large number of experienced members and other pro traders who are willing to help out. It’s a great community.

    I have tried guided trades in the past and they failed dismally. Everyone wanted my time all at once and I couldn’t type fast enough, let alone look after my own trade! I have instead focused my time on the manual and videos; more of which will be added when I have time.

    Thanks again for the write-up, it was really interesting to read about Goal Profits from an independent viewpoint.

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