Goal Profits Review – Part 2

I’ve spent a little more time within the Goal Profits members area now, reviewing what’s on offer.  Getting a handle on the profit potential of all the given strategies included is pretty mammoth task. But I’m going to work through as much of it as I can to hopefully provide an insight into what you could perhaps expect to achieve with this package.

Strategy A – Correct Score

As I mentioned in part 1, this is the main trade that Steve, who runs Goal Profits, operates on a daily basis. You can either follow him using this strategy on the matches he picks, or you can pick and choose using the team stats to guide you to the best potential trades. Once you have read the Correct Score Manual the statistics do become a little easier to grasp  -well at least those within the shortlist section do anyway!
The Correct Score Manual covers a range of trading angles for football matches, many of which are fairly well known such as looking for late goals. But it’s core is explaining the exact strategies for “Strategy A” and “B” which both are targeting the correct score market and looking to trade in matches that are likely to contain lots of goals.
The team stats cover what must be every possible league that is going to be available to trade on Betfair in play, and very often you probably wont have even heard of the league that the match is in, let alone the teams themselves!
Betting in these obscure leagues did make me initially raise an eyebrow as the liquidity is obviously not going to be the same as the big European leagues, however there are guidelines with regards to liquidity and in fact the markets are far more liquid than I imagined, even the more obscure matches.

The strategy itself involves setting up a series of back and lay bets, around 12 in total, where some will be matched before kick off some not. It does come across initially as slightly complicated and perhaps even overkill. But Steve does explain within the manual how he developed it and through this you can understand why it is now apparently a lot more complicated.
It is essentially evolved to suit his low-risk, conservative trading style.
You’re gonna want to spend at least an hour or so watching and re watching the inplay videos relating to this technique.
The first time you use this technique, you’re going to realise why its easier to use a bot such as faitbot to place the bets for you, as unless you want to be risking a lot more than £40 a match (which I didn’t for my first trade just testing!) you’re going to need to place a few bets under the min £2 stakes that Betfair operate. Using it without the bot makes it a bit of a faff to get the pre match bets set up but far from impossible. I found that I’d placed the bets slightly wrong so I’d bet £1 more than I should have, but no big deal.
Once the match started (Le Harve v Creteil) I found that following the manual I was able to keep things under control, I did however manage to end up with a higher liability on one score than should have been the case, this was again perhaps due to not being able to see the future P/L on Betfair due to min stakes, but a mistake I could avoid next time.
The score on the match in question was 1-1 at HT and the predicted goals had came, it is obvious that so much here revolves around match selection.  I was in a no lose situation and would be in a really nice position with an early goal in the 2nd half or any 2 further goals. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be on this occasion and the match ended 1-1 for basically a break even result.



This match was one of three Steve selected to trade on the night and although you can select your own using the provided Stats, I thought it wise to test the water with the official match selections. The three matches he traded were as follows:

Le Havre v Creteil – 1-1 – Scratch

Telstar v Almere City – 3-1 – 610% profit

Augsburg v Borussia Dortmund – 2-3 – 360% profit

£97 profit to £10 stakes.

The other two hit what Steve calls “target scores” and as you can tell I picked the worst one  of the three!

Aside from the correct score strategies, Steve provides other variations on the old “lay the draw” technique. This was something I’ve dabbled with myself in the past so was keen to try out his approaches to this. The written guides for LTD (lay the draw) and LTHTD (which costs another £7), show what statistics you should be looking for to identify potential trades, however shortlists are provided. For the sake of this review, I thought it a good idea to stick to the shortlists.
First up a “Lay The Draw” match- Cruzeiro v Gremio.
The shortlist had identified this as a good match with goals for the home favourites quite likely. However once I had my lay matched at 3.95 I did find myself looking for HT @ 0-0 stats, which I duly found by using the custom stats section. This told me that almost half the matches these two had played in this season (7 of 15) had been 0-0 at HT – I was then thinking maybe I should have waited for the draw price to drop!! – And sure enough 0-0 at HT. Having gone against the instruction and risked perhaps a higher liability than I should have, I somewhat bottled it and traded out once the draw price had dropped, which isn’t the exact method advised. I did however manage to execute a late play in the match, a trade advised for this exact situation in the manual , for a low liability once the draw price had dropped very low, knowing that goals where still likely based on the stats. I got lucky and a late goal put me into the green and I managed to secure that profit as shown:cruzeiroGremioLTD  (click to expand)

I had stayed up much later than I’d wanted to with this match! So was glad that I had at least turned a small profit for my efforts, however the benefit here was really in the education I’d got. And that perhaps is where the real benefit of goal profits lies.

Summary thus far:

Its clear that this isn’t going to be for everyone, simply because of the time involved in learning the techniques. I would also say that the way they are presented can seem overwhelming to start – (the sheer number of ebooks makes me wonder whether putting them in one big one would make more sense!). However I would say that I get the impression it has expanded into what it is today, rather than having been deliberately designed this way. Really the only negatives I can therefore put forward are the complexities and volume of information, which when you think about it, are a good thing. Its reassuringly NOT basic simple system.

Without having actively tried out the techniques at least on more matches to try and emulate Steve’s results, I cant say that I’ve personally made lots of profit with this yet.
But since football trading fits in outside of my racing commitments quite nicely,  I’m going to free up some time to delve deeper into the systems on offer and put a few of them into practice as, to put it bluntly, its obvious that there is profit to be made with this. The questions that remain are how much, and what kind of time input will it require.

You're going to want to stock up on paper/ink if you prefer reading printed as oppose on screen!

You’re going to want to stock up on paper/ink if you prefer reading printed as oppose on screen!

In terms of how what this is trying to achieve,  and to quote from the pitch  “My goal is to educate you while providing you with all of the signals and experience so that you can replicate my success anywhere you go in the football trading world!” I would certainly say that you’re getting every chance to do that.

If you’re thinking you might be able to find the time to use this I’d say get off the fence and get involved now, it really is full of potential.
Very much worth an initial £37 investment in my eyes.

If you want to sign up here is the link: Goal Profits

There’s not been much in the way of trades recently, due to the international break, but in my next post I’m planning to report on my trades and hope to report some profit.

Latest Update:

  • Steve has simplified membership meaning “Team Stats Gold” is now part of the regular subscription, at no extra cost.
  • The Team Stats Masterclass upgrade, which gives essential shortlists for Pro trader Kevin Laverick’s various systems, will go up this Friday night, from £15 to £27.
  • Also, Steve has just launched a sister site based around a value betting database, the selections from this have been very promising and again this is only available to Goal Profits members.
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