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Ever since I’ started WinningRacingTips in 2006 I’ve been putting my money where my mouth is.
I like to think that running that service distigusihes me from some of the other bloggers you might come across. You see talking a good game is one thing, but backing winners and showing that you can actually come out in front LONG TERM, is another thing altogether.

If you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk, at least in my book anyway.

You can get free systems and free tips all over the place on the web, but how many of these include an accurate, detailed and verifiable results history?
As a rule of thumb, if you cant find this, you should assume that the selections produce a loss.

A short while back I offered up a free guide to backing in 2yo maidens. In the summary of that guide I gave some recommendations for finding selections. Based on those recommendations I’ve been posting selections on my forum here. I wanted to see the value of my research and I wanted to share it with you, after all anyone can produce a report that paints a pretty picture of future profits, but to deliver its not always so straightforward.  But deliver this approach has, the selections posted on the thread are just shy of 25pts to the good, at this point, even though I omitted two big price winners at 16/1 and 20/1!

I’m also doing some real world testing on  some of my other promising systems and am posting the selections on the forum.  The favourites system is another one that has been doing very well, 56 selections have produced a profit of 16.19pts at early “Best Odds Guaranteed” prices or 10.24 at SP. With a 55% strike rate and a ROI just shy of 30% I’m optimistic about this one.

I can’t guarantee that everything will be as profitable as the 2yo system has proved so far, I know that very often you can get it wrong or luck goes against you with betting, but either way I’m committed to being open with results.
I personally don’t take promises of profits on trust,  and you shouldn’t either, you want “real world” proof!

So check out the systems testing area on the fourm, some of them are carrying my money, and you might decide theres enough evidence to have a few bob on yourself at some point in the future!

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  1. IwonIwon says:

    Hi Paul, I’ve just stumled on & registered for your website & I must say it looks really good. You make no outlandish claims of ££££££ in a week (or less as some do) & from what I’ve seen in a short looksee, your methods appear sound, profitable & most of all…VFM!! I’m looking forward to some nice profits so THANK YOU in advance. David.

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