Free Horse Racing System Selections – update

We’ve had some great success with the free system selections that I’m currently proofing on the forum. Here’s an overview of what’s on offer with the current profit/loss tallies.
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NEW- Each Way Lucky 15’s  
Malcolm is a betting shop manager from the North East of England who has over 30 years worth of betting experience. Part of his own betting portfolio includes doing each-way “Lucky 15’s”.  This is a bet involving full cover across 4 selections. So singles, doubles, trebles, and a four-fold. If you place it each-way then it’s a total of 30 bets as everything is repeated for the “place” bets. Bookmakers are keen push this type of bet because it encourages punters to find selections that they otherwise wouldn’t bet on, just to fill the slip. But this type of bet does have two advantages that the knowledgeable punter can turn to his (or her) advantage. Firstly, you can normally find a bookie that will offer you “treble the odds” for one winner. Secondly, by betting these each way, we can include races that are “Bad each-way races”, and because we are rolling up the place prices in multiples, the edge is multiplied in our favour!
To get a feel of how these work, take a look at Malcolm’s thread here:

From just nine betting days so far, doing only £1 stakes, Malcolm is up to the tune of £476.85. This is more than just pocket money!
They are all settled to SP as well so there isn’t anyone that wouldn’t be able to get on these.
I think this is a great little method and am watching these with interest.

NH Winners

This is a National Hunt system (obviously!),  that I developed around a year ago.
It only operates across the first few months of the season and therefore I’ve been waiting to see what it can do.
Historically it produced over 350pts profit over 9 years with a ROI above 30% (at SP), and since I started real time monitoring its produced close to 30pts profit from 105bets.
Not all of these 105 bets have been posted on the forum, but its showing a decent profit from the bets posted. I’m confident enough to be backing these myself.

Update: The system is now a massive 72 pts up from 171 selections – A 42% ROI.
(I’ve personally made just shy of £700 following these to £10 stakes)
The system operates to the end of January.

Favourites System

This is simple yet surprisingly effective system, I’m recording the results it and I’ll share my findings here.
Its quite an old system and when I trialled it in the past I remember this was profitable if not outstanding. I never had a large enough sample size, across both flat and NH codes, to really gauge the potential in it though, so that’s the idea.
What makes it interesting more now than on years past is the “Best Odds Guarantee” offer that a lot of bookmakers will give you. This can make a significant difference as price swings are common at these prices.  So far since 25th August this has produced 71 selections, 17 pts profit using BOG prices or 10 pts at SP (24%/14% ROI).  You can follow its progress using the forum and subscribe feature if you wish.

Update:  This one rolls on and is now showing 33.62 pts profit from 125 bets at early BOG prices or 19.44 pts profit – A 27% Return On Investment. These are now carrying my cash.
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, the Strike Rate is 62.4%.

5/1+ System

This is another new system that I’ve created. Historial results over 9 years show 450 pts profit with a ROI over 35%. So far in live testing its produced 38 selections for a profit of 33 pts. (86% ROI). This system has a low strike rate (around 14%) so losing runs can be longer, but it does find big priced winners. Its flat only though so there wont be much action this year now.

Update: So far I’ve recorded 26 pts profit from 46 bets, but these profits came from just 6 winners and we’ll need to wait until the start of the flat turf season to see what this system can do.

Bumper Debutants
This is a free system which you can currently get via my auto responder by entering your email address opposite.
So far the system is 1pt up from 40 bets to SP. But my recorded bets on the forum are currently showing a loss of 8.5pts. (Due to me missing out some selections which were not big enough yet drifted to an acceptable price, and won!)
We’ll see how this one does over the remaining part of the season, but so far the NHF races are living up to their reputation as being difficult.


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