Engineering Good Luck – and free football trends video.

Do you ever stop to think how it is that you always seem to start following tipsters at the worst possible time? Or have you often wondered how it is that you always follow the best performing tipsters yet somehow things go wrong when you start following them?
If this is you, you may feel like you’ve been caught in some kind of scam. Or that you were “born unlucky”.

Well there are scams, and there are also people and tipsters that experience “bad luck”.  But by learning a little bit more about the mechanics of luck you can better understand it, and stand a much better chance of putting yourself on the right side of it.

For me luck is a weird word, you see in fact whatever the event in question is, its always a case of looking at the probability in the correct context.
Many years ago I got a book on probability called “taking chances” by John Haigh. I highly recommend it – or at least something along those lines as an education on the subject.

However as a starting point for tipsters, you really should take a look at this article from SBC, it shows how to pick a skilful tipster – not a lucky one.

That was one of the eye opening things I came across over the last week, I also found a new section on the Oddschecker website that they seem to have sneaked in under the radar simply called “trends”. Take a look at my brief video demo of it below:

One last thing for you this week, you may have seen a Forex website doing the rounds called Each Way FX, I’ve been asked to have a look at this product as its something that the betting fraternity are often interested in. There’s a free trading manual on offer here: Each Way FX.  Now I must confess that I’m clueless with regards to any kind of trading that takes place outside of Betfair or the betting exchanges, so I’ve asked someone to look at this new product for me and will be reporting on it to you in the near future.

Thanks for your time and as always, any comments/questions, just post them below.



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  1. malcolm says:

    lots of good stuff on Oddschecker including very good Golf/sport/Novelty Bets tips.
    As for Forex Trading………keep us posted Paul as Forex is something I have been meaning to look at for about a year now.

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