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Each Way FX has been reviewed by Neil, a BPB contributor, here’s his take on it:

Each Way Fx(Note: Product is no longer available and links have been removed)
We’ve read about all kinds of betting systems, and how they’ve found an angle which will guarantee you profits over the long term. Some of them might focus on specific racecourses or particular combinations of trainers and jockeys, some might even focus on each way betting. Each Way FX is a system which tries to find some profit in a different kind of market – the foreign exchange market (FOREX).


I’ve had a sneak peek at John Wheatland’s guide which will be released tomorrow (now live)  and, if their past performance is anything to go by, it seems like it could be an interesting investment. In addition to the manual, there are a series of introductory videos  which give a lot of information about the guide.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know the first thing about FOREX. With this system you don’t really have to, and it seems like the process of identifying and places trades (not bets, trades) is made as simple as possible. Basically all you need to do is download a couple of programs, check each weekday morning around 9.30am to see if any opportunities have been identified for the day, and if so place a couple of trades using a fairly simple program.

I’ve read through the Each Way FX manual a couple of times now, and I’m not sure I really understand the niceties of FOREX. I suppose I don’t have to, because it’s just a matter of checking for advised trades every morning. Could this lack of knowledge be a good thing perhaps? There’s certainly no chance of you deciding that you know better than John’s system because you heard a whisper about a good thing in the same race, only to miss out on a winning bet!

So what about the numbers? Well, there have been an average of just over 2 trading days a week over the last 3 and a bit years. It boasts a 71% strike rate with only 8% of days being losers. That leaves one trade out of 5 where you break even, losing or gaining less than 1% of your stake on those days. 3 years of historical results have been posted, though I’m not sure if these have been proofed as you would expect from a conventional betting guide.

Assuming these results are accurate though, the results are impressive. A starting bank of £1000 increased to £2988 after the first year, £5773 after the second and £9722 after three years. A further profit in January 2013 brings the record to 30 profitable months from 37.

This system has been limited to 300 members who pay £149 + VAT (just shy of £180) and for that fee you get a manual, a couple of pieces of software which allow you to create your trades, and access to a forum which provides further information. In the introductory videos John says he’ll spend as much time as it takes to help each member become comfortable with what is involved in placing the advised trades each day.

As well as all that you get the option to use play-money when you start out – essentially paper-trading while you get the hang of things, access to a special offer from a broker who will guarantee losses in the first month to the tune of £300 and a 45 day money-back guarantee.

Let’s be honest, I can’t tell you whether this is a good investment or not. The past results seem impressive, the price isn’t prohibitive, placing the trades doesn’t sound complicated, the package of support sounds very helpful and the trio of guarantees certainly mitigate a lot of the risk.

Worth a punt?
Go to : Each Way FX(Note: Product is no longer available and links have been removed)


Whilst we haven’t had the time to thoroughly test this, and hence substantiate any of the profit claims, it appears a genuine product and if you’re looking to venture into something outside the betting niche, then this is a viable starting point. You’ve got 45 days from receiving your manual to test, trade and get to grips with it. If you don’t get on with it, you can send it back no questions asked for a full refund- which I’m happy to vouch for. -Paul.



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2 Responses to Each Way FX Review

  1. paulr says:

    Sorry about that.
    I think it will be closing soon, if you click the link on that page that says “to find out more…” (http://screencast.com/t/7Dup9vEN) then you should get to the sale page.

  2. Jo says:

    Today’s ‘Each Way FX’ Revierw by Neil

    Neil closes by saying:

    Worth a punt?
    Go to : Each Way FX

    But … that link tells us we do not have access – it’s for members only!! Is there another link for the general public to read about it, please?

    Many thanks and best regards,


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