Champions League Final – An easy £35… Guaranteed

Tonight its the  Champions League Final and  again Bet365 are offering a £50 free in play bet for account holders.

Hopefully you’ll know the drill by now!

Basically it goes like this. You place a “qualifying” £50 bet on the match with Bet365 before the match starts. You lay the opposite side of this bet on Betfair (or Betdaq) so that overall you lose just a minimal amount, after the difference in odds and commission is taken into account. (You use a calculator such as Oddsmatcher at work out the lay stake)

Then when the match is under way, you are entitled to a free £50 bet.(Note: You will need to deposit for both £50 bets, they’ll refund you after the match for the free bet if it loses) You wait until halftime, (this counts as “in-play” and avoids the possible situation of any in game events affecting the odds whilst you’re executing the trade) then you look for a market with Bet365 where you can back an outcome at around 3.5-6.0 (this means a better overall result but you’ll need upto £250 in your Betfair/Betdaq account), that you can also lay on the exchange at similar odds. You’ll need to use the calculator again at this point, but you’ll have to enter the live prices this time as the oddsmatcher wont scan the in play markets.  You’ll then “underlay” the £50 bet you’ve just had with Bet365 by only laying it partially, so that you’ll win the same amount whatever the outcome. This works because you’ll either win the Bet365 bet which will more than cover your exchange liability, or you’ll lose the Bet365 bet, but get the stake refunded in full, yet collect on the lay with Betfair/Betdaq.
If you struggle to get to grips with the calculations (I know I used to!), then you can simply follow my halftime twitter updates for details of the exact trades that will give you a decent return whatever the outcome. Of course whatever you do you’ll need to sort your qualifying bet/lay before kick-off. So here’s a screen grab of how I’ve done that, its going to cost about £2.30 to “buy” the free bet.
Note: I the actual back lay odds for me were 2.20 and 2.26.

That’s all for now, I’ll be posting at Half time on my twitter feed, which you can find on the right hand side of this page.
Take this free money courtesy of Bet365 and enjoy the game, and if you want to make grabbing free money a habit, then check out  Bonus Bagging who will show you how you can take advantage of offers like this literally every day.

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3 Responses to Champions League Final – An easy £35… Guaranteed

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  2. paulr says:

    Thats fine with me!
    However you take advantage of it so long as you know what you’re doing.
    Some might just do the qualifying back/lay then place a £50 bet to nothing, had they backed the draw late on with the £50 and not under layed it at all, that would have been a tasty profit indeed.
    I’m £34 up so happy with that for very little effort.

  3. keith says:

    Thanks for info Paul but this way is a bit long winded I placed £50 bet with 365 at evens and the placed £25 at 100/30 on athletico with Ladbrokes my £50 in running bet went on the draw a@21/10 my worst scenario was to win £25 my best £38 I in fact made a £30 profit from the draw.Total outlay £125 returning £155 I find this a much easier way than messing around with backing and laying.i will be interested in your opinion

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