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Bet Alchemist is a tipster service that has been going a little over 2 years now, its been getting some very good reviews and its about time this service got some attention from us.


Nicky Doyle heads up Bet Alchemist which is a service that only bets on “competitive” racing. So we’re talking about weekend racing normally Friday through to Sunday. (Occasionally there are other betting days, most notably during the big festivals where this service has an enviable record). Although ignoring the bulk of weekday racing the service will still have between 4-6 selections every weekend, so the turnover is high enough, and the workload is one that will suit a good deal of punters I would think.

Nicky has been involved in racing for many years, going right back to his days watching point to point racing in Wexford as a youngster, in terms of his approach nowadays Nicky is an old school tipster, spending hours watching races and doing form study, his knowledge is evident from his race write ups and his “eye-catchers” which he publishes on his blog.
In terms of his service firstly I must say that I’m impressed by the transparency, results are published in full, within 24 hours of races ending and his detailed spreadsheet includes advised prices and notes any special place terms and any R4 deductions that have been incurred. Attention to detail and accuracy  – top marks!

Performance wise published results indicate an overall record spanning Dec 2012 though to Feb 2015 totalling 315pts profit from 1368 bets with a Return on Investment of 21.36% and a strike rate of 16.45%.
His results show that you can potentially make a nice profit using just £10 stakes from a (comfortable) £1000 bank.  Profits shown from £25 and £50 stakes are very healthy indeed, however its worth bearing in mind potential restrictions with bookmakers.
I’ve been proofing bets since 31/1/15 and thus far I can confirm that all results published during that time are bona fide. I’ve no reason to suspect that past results aren’t also genuine. I haven’t had the time to follow all his advices as yet and as such cannot vouch for the all important availability of the quoted prices, however having put this to Nicky, I’m fairly confident that those acting quickly would have every opportunity to get the adivsed prices – something that is virtually impossible with other profitable tipsters such as Hugh Taylor for example.  Nicky says “I keep a good eye on the prices and 99% of them hold up 20 minutes or longer after going live”.
Here’s my recorded results thus far and I plan to keep this updated going forward:
View Proofed results here (opens in new tab)

Cheltenham is obviously a big thing for Bet Alchemist and during my time recording he’s given out 11 selections in Ante Post markets for Cheltenham  totalling 19pts invested.
At the time or writing you can still get close enough to most of his advised prices on the ante-post selections to warrant a bet. Here is an overview of Bet Alchemist’s Cheltenham performance over the years: (taken from the site)
betalchemistCheltresultsOverall I’m impressed with this service very much, although it is worth noting that despite the current winning run of 14 winning months, losing months can and will occur (3 in a row was the worst run). So a long term approach and proper betting bank of around 100pts is essential.
I’m adding in BetAlchemist to my own betting portfolio and with a low subscription prices of £30 a month (£15 for 1st month) or £79 for 3 months – its one that I advise you strongly consider opening your wallet for! (Rates quoted ex VAT)

Join here:

Note: All Cheltenham selections thus far can be found on the members area however if you join and just want a quick list of these, contact me with your receipt and I’ll send them to you.

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