Bet365 £50 free in play bet Chelsea v Napoli (7.45pm KO) – Guarantee £25-£35 profit.

Bet365 have the free £50 in play bet offer up again, this time its Chelsea v Napoli.
Before I let you know exactly what my bets I’ve done to take advantage of this and secure a risk free profit of around £35, I thought I’d post a brief step guide on how to do this yourself, so you can refer to this every time Bet365 run this offer.

  1. Open the market for the match in question at both Bet365 and Betfair in different tabs in your browser, along with a third on this site
  2. Look for a market in the match manually (and using the search facility on ifreebet) where the lay odds available at Betfair are close to the back odds with Bet365.  I normally start on the win markets looking at the odds-on prices then look at the over/under 2.5 goals and other 2 or 3 way markets.
  3. Enter Bet365 and Betfair in the bookmaker/exchange drop down menus, then click “Go” on the betcalculator page at ifreebet to open the calculator window. Dont worry about what event you click calculate for, we’re going to be manually changing the stakes/odds we just need it open –  You can now enter your stake (£50) and the available back odds with Bet365 and Lay odds with Betfair. Then click “recalculate risk free bet” to find out exactly how much your lay stake should be. Note down these figures/bets so you know what you’re doing. (I use Jing screen capture for this) Ignore the Bet Summary box that will be mentioning different teams.
  4. Ensure the £50 bet is placed with Bet365 (Do this FIRST)  and then place the lay at Betfair and ensure it is matched before kick off.
    You’ve now qualified for a free £50 in play bet.
  5. Next we simply wait until half-time during the match to liquidate the £50, normally its possible to get around 60-70% of it at least, so £30 to £35.
    Half-time is best because nothing can happen in the match to change the odds in the middle of placing bets but it still qualifies as “in-play”.
  6. At half-time re examine the markets at both Bet365 and Betfair looking for an opportunity to lay the same outcome on Betfair. Note that Bet365 do not have the same in play markets as Betfair so you need to look carefully. I prefer the odds range of 3.5 -6.0 as this allows for a better profit.
  7. Again use the calculator at ifreebet but this time be sure to check “free bet, stake not returned” as oppose to “qualifying bet”.
  8. Then simply place the £50 in play bet with Bet365 and “under lay” it on Betfair to the stake that the calculator gives you. Take note of the calculations again so you know what you’ve done.
  9. That’s it! Across both your Betfair/Bet365 balances you’ll now be somewhere in the region of £30 better off. (Bet365 should refund the £50 in play bet the next day if it lost).

I’ve already placed my qualifying bet, the cost of “buying” the free bet in this case I’ve got down to £3.35 as you can see from the calculations below. I’ve used the calculator and entered the odds for Over 2.5 goals – ignore the “BACK/LAY Chelsea instruction in the summary box. I’ve layed Over 2.5 goals not Chelsea.

Note: My back/lay was on over 2.5 goals NOT Chelsea

I will update my Twitter feed at Halftime when I’ve found the best bet for this.
(I’m aware that I was a little late with this on the last match, so will try to do it earlier this evening!)  And also this page soon after.

Halftime Update:
I’ve backed the draw @ 6.0 with Bet365  for £50.
Layed @ 6.6 on Betfair for £38.17.
This creates the following situation:
So I’ve made a profit of £36.26 as you can see above whatever the result turns out to be.
Less the £3.35 it cost me to place the qualifying bet makes a profit on the day of £32.91, which isn’t bad for a few minutes work.
(Ok sharing it with you has taken me a bit longer than a few minutes but hey, I’m here to help!)


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