Both Betfair and Smarkets have super easy offers that you should be taking advantage of if you have an account right now.
Smarkets have been running their Winter Premier League Promotion since the start of December now and its in its last week now, but you can still take the last free £10 on offer.
Here’s how:
You “must have at least £10 (or currency equivalent) of settled exposure on five different English Premier League matches to receive a £10”
Details here:
So we’re going to place five back bets on Betfair Exchange in Premier League match odds markets and lay them on Smarkets ensuring the liability on the latter is at least £10.
So look at the first match on Betfair Exchange and back the biggest price in the match odds, working out to win just over £10, so for the Friday match (Wolves v Leicester) we’d have £5 on the Draw @ 3.35 on Betfair Exchange and Lay £4.78 @ 3.4 on Smarkets which would result in a loss of £0.32 whatever the outcome.
I suggest you use a calculator to work out your stakes before placing either side of the qualifying bets. Such as the one at Oddsmonkey
Here’s how the above example looks (assuming 5% commission on Betfair, 2% Smarkets):


Bigger prices will result in less than 32p losses per match so you can see that the £10 tends to work out less than £1.50 to qualify for!
There’s six matches this weekend so you’ll need to do five of those to qualify for the £10 before the promotion ends on the 17th. These five qualifiers typically take around 5 mins to do so once you get the hang of it.

Betfair Exchange have an offer that is slightly more complicated that usual for them, but nonetheless is very much worthwhile. Here’s last weekend’s offer:


As a qualifier we backed and layed Everton, placing the back bet on Everton and laying them on Smarkets:


As you can see the free £10 liability Lay cost us only 81p to qualify for.
Then to maximise the profit potential of the lay, my strategy is to lay the current result in play, when its as low as 1.40 or shorter.
That means we can take £25+ profit if the result should change late on in the game, as if often the case in Premier League matches.
So we were able to Lay Watford when they were 1-0 up against Brighton on Saturday by laying a £25 stake @ 1.4, this was matched for us about 75 minutes in just before the Brighton equaliser, meaning we made £25 profit on the game. And £24.19 from the offer after the qualifying loss was taken into account.
Note: you must use your mobile to action the lay bet with this offer.

Look out for this offer coming up again from Betfair and let us know how you get on in the comments!


On the 20th of January I was looking at my tweetdeck and a tweet from Juicestorm come up advising to back a particular horse, I could see from the feed it was about backing to lay, so trading not actually betting per se. I had Smarkets open so stuck £20. (As you do!?)
I then proceeded, like the fool I am, to totally forget about this position and hence the opportunity to trade out. Luckily for me the selection won and I was about £42 up.
I realised my idiocy in doing this as throwing random 20s at twitter tips is exactly the sort of thing I tell others not to do. However it did pique my interest in trading.
So I looked after the next days racing I went through their tweets and found that they had apparently been able to trade out on all 11 advised selections and green up.
These were all more than the odd tick and I worked out that to just modest stakes this would be a good little earner – if it was actually a true representation of achievable results.
As with all things that seem too good to be true…
Rather than paper trading (who does that anyway?), I went in with real money, £20s £30s etc to test out the trades. Without an actual plan – aside from working out a stop loss position on the fly. (Again, more madness.)

On the first day I picked up on just the one bet and made traded out for +£3.29.
So the next day I’d try and do much of the whole day’s worth. The first selection I was advised to back at 5.8 to 6.4 and despite my stop loss plan of exiting at 7.1 I ended up taking a loss of £17.25 exiting at 8.4 after a big drift.
I then went on to have 5 winning trades before another drifter set me back, having backed at 6.6 & 7.0 I had to trade out at 11 losing me £9.82.
What a numpty.
I had clawed back the initial loss though to end to day +£2.10
Bit of a mixed bag compared to the previous tweets but I figured that if I could minimise the losing positions I could be onto a winner, so I decided to do more testing.

The next few days ended -£10.39, +£7.18 and -£24.66.

So what happened?
Well first off all a lot more selections didn’t actually shorten in real time than was initially apparent from looking at the feed.
But I actually discovered that they were tweeting that they’d traded out and greened up after the races had started – so inplay.
I’d been using Smarkets and manually trading which isn’t ideal as it turns out for a number of reasons, losing track of races and forgetting entirely to trade out had worked in my favour initially but resulted in me losing £20 (lucky it wasn’t more) on one occasion.
After the last day I decided that I really ought to reconsider my approach.

So do these free twitter trades make any profit and what have I learned?
Well firstly I can’t really say at this point in terms of profit potential one way or the other. The account is run by a bot and the tweets are automatic, (they make no secret of this) there’s no stop loss advice given, and the only exit price advice is often tweeted once the race is underway so is pretty useless in terms of anyone acting on it, at least if doing so manually.
I did question John, who runs the site about this and he said

“If our selections do not reach the target prices we will hedge inplay for a profit or loss within variable percentages. On 80% of markets pre race we are green but often have a chunk left over to favour the traded selection if it wins.”

80% green sounds great, but obviously it depends on how much the 20% are losing as well.  I mean if you lose your total stake because you didn’t get matched or 50% because of high exit prices, that makes a lot of recouping.
So to summarise I’m interested in a back to lay trading strategy, its plus points are that you can operate from a relatively small bank (as placing the back bet first means no big liabilities) and that it should be low risk – at least if applying a stop loss correctly.
That last point brings me onto software. It became blatantly obvious that I was very much hindered without using software to trade the racing markets.
The ability to set everything up so that the exit points where automated would clearly benefit as minimising the emotional input and error possibilities is essential.

Time permitting I plant on doing some more trials (more professional I promise!) on this.

The website at Juicestorm is a bit of a maze but you can read about what they offer here:

JuiceStorm TV With Betfair Trading Is Live 24/7

If you’ve got any back to lay trading strategies that you don’t mind sharing please get in touch!

(Disclaimer:  There’s no affiliation with Juicestorm whatsoever from this site and you accept full responsibility for your trading/betting decisions)

Along with the main question of profitability – several key questions need answering when reviewing the option of following a tipster.
For me these are accuracy and transparency of results, attainability of prices, and practicalities of following, such as timing and costs.
I’ve followed the “Always Back Winners, Premium Newsletter” service now since 31st July so let’s review how the service has done.
My trial started spectacularly… with two winners at 16/1 and 14/1 from the first three selections!
– it’s hard to find winners in that price range so to land TWO straight off the bat was impressive indeed.
I could have stopped there and told everyone to lump on, but realistically I knew that kind of form is only ever fleeting, and besides I wanted to get a proper handle on the service and test over at least a few weeks.
It’s all about consistency and bank building when it comes to making profits over the long run.
Over the next month I recorded 41 selections, all advised each way and all within the 9/2 to 33/1 price range. The average advised odds are around 8/1 but during this period over half the selections (25) were at double figure prices. There’s normally one per day, sometimes two. The message is emailed out early morning, normally about 8am and you access tips via a members only webpage.
Its all super easy to follow with the best price and where that price is available detailed in the message. Along with any special place terms on offer.

So is it profitable?

Well with two big priced winners this short trial was always going to end up in profit.
Perhaps more importantly is the performance over the whole season, and to Gary’s staking plan on his £1k to £10k flat season challenge the initial £1000 is now at £2892.
And given what I’ve personally recorded, I’m fairly confident in the previous claimed results.

Whether you follow that or not is personal choice – level stakes are also seem very profitable to advised prices.
Talking of which, how attainable are the prices?
Well I’m pleased to say that this scores well in that area. I’ve detailed all the prices I actually took in my recorded results below along with the advised prices and bookies.

The key thing to note here is that I wasn’t trying particularly hard!
I checked the site when I had time as opposed to trying to get on as soon as the tips were published, and I still managed to get the advised price a fair proportion of the time.
You’ll note that I’ve not included prices on days that I missed the bets – my P/L results are to the actual prices I took or to advised price if I missed the bet altogether. I certainly think a more punctual approach could get better results.
The main bookies were Betfair and Bet365 and a handful of accounts should suffice to get the advised prices or at least very close to.

Another key area I look at is transparency of results.
I did find one losing selection had been omitted from the published sheet, on a day when there were two bets, I pulled Gary on this and the site was corrected/updated and I’m prepared to accept that as a genuine error.
I’m of the thinking that anyone that goes to lengths to prepare detailed spreadsheets rather than just make claims without evidence isn’t the type to make up spurious results. (As a side note I’ve also noted in my results where there could have been a possible R4 deduction and I didn’t back the selection so was unable to quantify.)
That said the published results are certainly a best case scenario and I’d question whether you’d actually be able to get the stakes on towards the upper end of the 10k challenge, (£100 e/w @ 12/1 isn’t exactly under the radar!) but as a service that can grow your bank whether using level stakes or percentage of bank, in my experience this certainly looks worthy of serious consideration.

I don’t have time to read much in the way of write ups, but from what I’ve seen Gary knows his stuff and the angles he uses seem sound. If you like to follow horses you’re going to get more enjoyment out of this, but most of us just like winners and it scores on both counts. His record shows he’s particularly effective during the flat season so that’s something to bear in mind.  (April- Oct)
Cost wise, the subscription fees are going to help keep this is a low risk investment, as £25 a month is very fair, and if you want, you can get that down to £15 by taking out an annual sub.

Always Back Winners gets the nod from me. You can sign up here:

Been a while since I first covered Banker Bets back in 2015, but John has been quietly beavering away, working hard for his subscribers, and as part of my yearly round up it is worth looking at how his service is doing.
The service started with Banker Bets which has now been operating for four years. It a service backing long odds on shots in football matches typically between 1.10 and 1.40, (The advantage of this kind of betting is that the strike rate is very high). There’s about 400 odd bets per year and you can see that its a lot of bets for a low ROI,  and 2017 was pretty disastrous all things told.
2014 +9.61pts

2015 +3.18pts

2016 +18.83pts

2017 -8.83pts

But credit where its due, John doesn’t hide any of the losses, and as I said before prices can be improved upon. Its not a service that will appeal to many based on how much “work” required for profit returned, however the bets advised are well researched and clearly do have an edge over time, albeit small. So as filler, or padding bets to help keep turnover up on an account to disguise other activity, such as targeting offers etc they could certainly have a use.

Value Picks
John started a new service called Value Picks earlier in the year working at slightly higher odds, the range above 1.5 to around 3.5. These are advised at £25 instead of £100 and results thus far look like this:
Again, nothing earth shattering but they are genuine and it amounts to around £260 profit from placing about 300 bets @ £25 each.
As with Banker Bets the selections could be viewed not only as profitable in their own right, but could be utilised to meet weekly turner requirements to qualify for free bets (for Skybet, Corals or Betway’s offers) or just to “pad out” accounts.

Draw Doubles
Perhaps most interesting of all however is John’s latest venture, “Draw Doubles”.
This one immediately appeals to me for a number of reasons. Firstly I think the Draw is the most overlooked bet in football and therefore can often be the best value. Secondly its a strategy I already use and have had success with myself.
Indeed as chance has it I had a free £25 Bet with Bet365 yesterday which I’d decided to use on the draw in the match between Arsenal and Chelsea, and I’d also found another decent opportunity to back the Draw in the match between Benfica and Sporting in Portugal, in that instance I doubled it up with another selection (Juventus -2) to get some value out of a free bet I had on another account.  Having checked back at Johns Draw selections his system had also picked both these matches as Draws which ended 2-2 and 1-1.

During his trails of his new method John’s selections have fared very well. He combines them in doubles, so with every three selections you bet three doubles. And he also proof’s as singles for those that want to keep things simple.
I’m a fan of multiples, if you know the value is on your side you are multiplying that value. A draw “trixie” can yield very handsome returns. It’d be interesting to see how they would have done if bet as trixies but this isn’t shown on the results. (A Trixie is 3 selections combined in doubles and a treble too)
In any case the results look very impressive to date:
So as you can see very promising and a fairly decent sample size at 321 bets. Wouldn’t advise diving in with big stakes but certainly something interesting from someone who has a track record of profit and producing genuine results.
You can try it out free FREE here.

(Having checked the results – on three occassions where three occassions where a treble would have landed, for about 90pts returned, over 110 bets, so a slight loss on the trebles but with that kinda strike rate one or two winners makes a massive difference so not reading much into that and makes more sense to look at results of the singles and doubles)

Did you know you can enter a host of very quick and easy games every week that give you the chance to win between £25000 and £250000?
All of the games I list below are totally free to enter, have an element of skill (and luck!) involved and could net you life changing sum. So totally worth doing, I’m sure you’ll agree.

You’ll need to have a bookmaker account with the firm in question, and you’ll need to resist the urge to back your picks with your own money when they offer you the that option. Do that and these are 100% risk free and fun too.

First up, Skybet SUPER 6 (£250k)

You need to predict the correct score in 6 specific matches to land the jackpot here, which is a whopping £250,000.  A quick calculation (7*7*7*7*7*7) leads me to believe the odds are about 117649.00 of achieving that, so a pretty tricky task for sure! But there’s a £5000 prize for the highest scoring player each week in any case even if no-one gets all 6 right.

Also from Skybet is the Sportinglife Pick 7 (£50k), whilst logged in you may as well do this one as well. You’ll need to pick the winner in each of 7 races that day and submit your entry. Again you’ll be offered the chance to back these with your own money. I suggest you don’t.

Next up BetVictor Golden Goal (£25K)
This is quite an interesting one. Here you have to pick:

  • The First Goal Scorer (EG: Paul Pogba)
  • The First Goal Minute: 28’ (27.00-27.59)
  • The Correct Score: Manchester United 2 : 1 Manchester City

Obviously that’s quite a tricky task but not totally impossible and well worth a stab for free.
You’ll need a BetVictor account to enter but thats all. You can gain 1 extra go at this each week if you stake £25 over the course of a week with them and 2 extra attempts if you’ve staked £50. You can see how many people made the correct prediction last week and what they won. Tidy.

Betway “Four To Score” (£50k)
They have just this week increased the jackpot from £25k to £50k, which is nice.

Again a simple but interesting formula. Pick the first team to score in each of the four English League divisions.
All you need is an account with Betway, (even a gubbed one will let you enter) and you can even just hit “random” to pick four teams randomly, which might not be the worst tactic for those lacking time or insight, but if you can predict the four correctly you’ll pick up £50k (or a share of, if there’s more than one winner). Its harder than it sounds this one but the jackpot has been won three times this season already (see:

Paddypower HOTSHOT JACKPOT (£275K)

You’ve gotta pick the first goalscorer in 6 matches to win this huge jackpot, and there’s a £2500 consolation which will be paid out to the winner of each round regardless, and £2500 to the player that get the most predictions correct over the course of the season.
Again, obviously not an easy task but a little insight and research should help considerably and it has been won once this season already.
This is a big jackpot from Paddypower, I’d think twice about entering if your account is gubbed with them however, as I can’t imagine how it’d feel winning but them refusing to pay out!

A good tip for both the BetVictor and the Paddypower offers – you want to be picking players that are named in the starting line up so leave it until just before kick off and make sure your selections are starting. You can follow all Premier League clubs via this twitter feed:
Good Luck!

PS. Please remember me if you win one of these 😉





As you may know already, bookmakers offering refunds if one leg of your acca lets you down has become quite a big thing over the last couple of years.
Its one of my favourite offers as if used efficiently it can swing with the odds firmly in your favour.
The introduction of such refund offers has seen the development of various ways of taking advantage of them – “Accumulator Generator” and Oddsmonkey’s “Acca Matcher” are two such examples. Now I’ve had a look at both of these approaches but I’m not going to be testing them out with my money –

Why? Well not necessarily because they are  bad, or that they don’t work,  but because I value my bookmaker accounts, and my time.

Now I’m not saying you cannot use these methods to make money, In fact I recommend the sister site to Accumulator Generator, “bonus bagging”, and oddsmonkey’s features are very useful – they do all have the potential to make you money. However what I will say is their use has a two major negative affects.

You see they are using a mathematical model to work out the “value” in real money terms of a freebet refund, this makes sense.
But it relies on betting right up to the maximum stakes of the offer, normally very short odds, often on minor teams/matches, and often needs matches to be played sequentially i.e not at the same time or with any overlap. In addition to all of that, if you’re doing it to make a decent profit you’ll need to do a lot of them and probably won’t have time to do much other betting, certainly on those accounts.

Now think about this for a moment – how easy do you think it would be for a bookmaker to spot this activity, given there’s are four or five markers that will highlight your activity?
Yes, very easy.

Do they want customers that simply use calculators to extract repeated small profits from them time and time again, draining the bottom line profits?
No, of course not. Who would?

I have a lot of empathy with punters who get “gubbed”, restricted and/or have bets refused. I’ve found myself in the same boat often enough.
But really as punters we must look at ourselves and realise we are our own worst enemy here. Punters think they’re being clever, but in the long run using solely matched betting tactics and exploiting refund offers is perhaps doing nothing more than scoring an own goal.
I’ve already started to see bookmakers changing their acca terms, and a few remove the refund offers altogether. And its interesting to note Sportingbet have restricted their new refund offer to matches that are being played on one day only.

So the end result of all this is that accounts get closed (or gubbed) and terms get changed.

But is there another way?

Well lets consider the downsides of the “scalping” type approach:

  • lots of lays to place
  • lots of bet management
  • time consuming
  • No fun
  • potential to go wrong with prices and/or incorrect lays

What if you could use the Acca insurance promotions in a better way that:

  • Still had 20%+ ROI
  • Low number of bets with maximum stakes not required to make decent profits
  • Not as likely to get you branded a “bonus abuser” and get you gubbed
  • Option on which bookie to use/not limited to one firm per bet
  • Was actually a huge amount to fun to operate
  • Enabled you to bet with cash, in betting shops

Well I’ve found that all of the above is possible and what I’m going to share with you now is exactly how I attack the Acca offers, why it offers you a big edge and how you can stay under the radar whilst doing it.

The Bankers and Base Method

This is my own method which I’ve developed over the last 2 seasons which has proven to be very profitable.
The objective here is similar to the that of the software based approaches mentioned that are targeting the freebet refunds, however it is not the same.
My objective is to land winning five folds, not to land a free bet.  This is a very important distinction and one that kind of generically sets us apart and ensures that we come across as punters that are playing the game in the spirit of things.
So the objective is to land winning five folds (or sometimes 6 folds). Now realistically this isn’t going to be possible all the time, but I try to ensure that I’ve at least a very good chance of getting four from five, so that when I do lose the Acca I’m at least getting a free bet back.
So how to get at least four winners very regularly and also land decent price winners when you do win?
This is where the “Bankers and Base selections” come in.
What I do here is try and find three selections which are going to be my “bankers”.
These will typically be in the 1.05 to 1.33 odds range.
I’ll then find my “base” selections. These are going to be at bigger prices, typically in the 1.5 to 2.5 range and they are what ensures that when the Acca wins, its at a decent price.

If the accumulator can be build up starting with 3 “banker”selections that look “rock solid”, on paper at least, then it allows a little more adventure on the remaining two. The remaining two “base”selections are still quite solid favourites, but maybe not so obvious.
I want to avoid picking the 5 shortest teams on the coupon in any case as this will not result in any kind of price.

So, by including three real short ones, in the 1.05 to 1.33 odds bracket, and then supplementing these with another two selections in the 1.50 to 2.5 odds range – I’m virtually turning this five fold into a double! With money back if one of the two doesn’t win!

I can normally put together an accumulator with a half-decent chance of returning odds of around 3-1 to 8-1. And a solid chance of getting four from five at least.

Using this approach I’ve been able to acheive the following results

Matchdayprofits 2015-2017 Acca Stats
Bets Won Lost Push SR P/L ROI
With Acca Insurance 159 44 60 55 62% +104.23 66%
W/O Acca Insurance 159 44 115 - 28% +68.48 43%

The above table represents actual profits from bets struck using Acca insurance offers. I’ve used a standard calculation assuming that 65% of the freebets value is returned. Now those that know how to effectively “cash out” freebets will know this is actually very conservative so in reality the profits using the Acca insurance were better.
I’ve also used the same odds for calculating the “without Acca insurance” profit figures, this also is perhaps under-stating the profits somewhat, as in reality if you weren’t bothered about acca insurance, or couldn’t get it due to accounts being “gubbed” you’d still likely be able to shop around for best prices which would often mean higher combined odds that what I’ve actually achieved.

Now the caveat. I’m sure you’re aware that simply picking teams in certain odds ranges will not by itself provide you with a winning football betting system.
I never simply use the odds on offer to judge the chances of a team winning. In fact my approach has become more and more refined so that I’m analysing a number of matches across the leagues and cherry picking what I think represent the best value prices about teams winning.
I might have 10 or more potential “banker” selections and I’ll whittle those down to the very best ones based on stats, form, opinion, price and other factors. I’ll then adopt a similar approach with the “base” selections.
All of my selections no matter what price they are will have been thoroughly researched, this doesn’t take a long time necessarily, but the notion of just assuming teams will win because of the reputation or price has to cast aside.

Here’s my pointers for picking winning selections:

  • Look for home teams with very solid records and form
  • Look for reasons why they might slip up, ie distractions, injuries etc that might not be obvious.
  • Take a close look at their opponents and avoid in form teams
  • Winning form is more reliable than losing form

Base selections

  • Consider strong away sides that are facing weaker opposition
  • Consider the top clubs at home even against decent opposition
  • Look at head to head form
  • Pay close attention to recent form
  • Look at shot stats and possession stats
  • Read other opinions to back up your own
  • Look for value above all else

So I hope you’ll have a go at this approach, If I can make it work you can too.
That said if you want to shortcut to success with this you can back the exact same Accas that I’m backing by joining my matchdayprofits service. It’s inexpensive to join and comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Risk free option to sign up here

As part of my review of how thing’s have gone with my football bets at Matchdayprofits I decided to collate some statistics.
As you may know I personally made over £2300 profit from betting on the football last season, and overall that figure is over £3000 if you include the end of the previous season and Euro 2016 too.

I’ve shared the exact bets and stakes with all my members at

What I was interested in was isolating the Accumulator bets, as this was a part of the service that had become a primary source of profit and provided lots of enjoyment following them too.
I focus on Acca’s utilising “acca insurance” with various bookies, and as such a good number of my bets resulted in getting the stakes returned as a free bet, which I can normally cash out to get about 70% of the stakes back, or more.

So how have I done with this type of bet?
Well I tallied up all the advised Accumulators I advised, that was anything that was a four fold or greater, and I’d made 94 bets in total.
28 of these were winners giving a strike rate of just under 30%, 31 were losers returning no free bet, and a further 35 were “pushes” where I got a free bet refund.

To try an analyse these comparably I assumed level staking when calculating the returns.
So overall the winners would have returned a profit of 107.87pts, the losers -31pts.
The 35 that returned a free bet I’ve assumed a conservative loss of 35% on, meaning the loss on those bets could be assumed to have been -12.25pts.
Adding that up leaves a total profit of 64.62pts from 94 bets – that’s a ROI of 69%!

Its fairly obvious that I’ve done very well with these bets.
But what about if we didn’t have the Acca insurance?
There’s a number of people who have been betting a while and have had the concessions removed from their accounts – would it be worth them placing the bets even without the Acca insurance?

Well on these figures YES.
Taking total profits of +107.87 minus 66 losing bets leaves a profit of +41.87 and still a very healthy ROI of 44.5%.

Matchdayprofits 2015/16 Acca Stats
Bets Won Lost Push SR P/L ROI
With Acca Insurance 94 28 31 35 67% +64.62 69%
W/O Acca Insurance 94 28 66 - 30% +41.87 44.5%

BUT that’s not really the full picture.
As when I’m striking an Accumulator bet with Acca insurance, I’m very often (if not all of he time) taking a worse price than I could have gotten elsewhere without the concession.
So it’s fairly safe to say that the +41.87 figure could have been substantially improved upon by taking best prices.

All this shows that you can certainly do very well backing accumulators if you’re selective and thorough with your research and form study.

Plus of course that’s only analysing the 4 folds and upwards, looking at the broader picture here’s the profit graph from last season, all bets to advised stakes:

Whilst luck certainly does play a part with this type of betting I’ve more than a season and a half of success behind me now and am confident of more success to come.

You can read more and sign up here:

I have decided to call time on my long running racing tips service Winning Racing Tips.
I know this will disappoint many followers that have been with me a long time but I feel the time is right to draw a line.

The reasoning for my decision is a summation of lots of factors, however it boils down to my heart no longer being in it, and in a business like tipping its absolutely no good if you’re simply “going through the motions”. I feel as though I would be doing my customers and myself a disservice to continue in that vein.
I also feel as though the service has been in gradual decline over the last few years and despite its continued profitability things have felt tougher all round.
I’ve always been a believer in quitting when you’re in front and with nearly 10 years of profit I’m proud of the record and reputation the service has earned over the years. Especially given the ease in which so many charlatans and con-men continue to ply their trade in the tipping game.
I have established a very profitable football tipping service over at over the last year and am very much looking forward to building on this success as well as expanding my betting research and working on other new projects.

I would like to thank all of my loyal subscribers past and present, along with my partners and affiliates, for helping me to make the service a resounding success.

Notes for subscribers:
Please accept my apologies for lack of contact over the last couple of weeks.
I will be cancelling active subscriptions that remain. Recent subscription payments that have been received in the last couple of weeks will be refunded. Any other payments or requests for refunds will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Please allow me some breathing space to sort these out. (I will get back to all of you so please do not open any disputes with Paypal before contacting me in the first instance!)

I would very much like to make a donation to a racehorse welfare charity, to help retired, discarded or unwanted racehorses, as way of saying “thank you”. So if you would like instead to contribute to this instead of a refund please do let me know.
The Winning Racing Tips website will remain online for the time being.

In time it may represent an opportunity for someone else to get involved in running a new service on the existing platform which is established. If you think you could be this person please do get in touch and we can discuss the options.



I’ve decided to review the “Banker Bets” Service. Its an unusual service in that in concentrates on only short odds “Bankers”. I’m not particularly a fan of this type of service, although I am a believer in the principle that value can be found at the very short end of the market, and that bank growth can be significant.
I’m recording my results on this spreadsheet, to £50 stakes. I’m risking £500 total.


The service is run by John Baker, an ex-professional Poker player and it has run up just over a year of verified results to date. That’s a fairly short period granted, but what attracts me to this service is that the results recording looks sound, and not shy of posting the losers along with the winners, and that at such short odds, a relatively small sample size holds more water than perhaps a service picking outsiders.
That said, I have seen at least one service that springs to mind that also had a decent record, betting at similar odds, that took an irrecoverable nose dive. At these short odds you really do not have to have that many losers and you are in a real bad position.
So we’ll see how it pans out for a short trial and go from there.
The other potential benefits from this are perhaps not that obvious – Bets at 1-4 are never likely to set off any alarm bells with any bookmakers, and you can get better or very close to the best prices on Betfair Exchange too, so this isn’t only an option for people who have had problems with bookmaker restrictions but also in fact may actually help in keeping your accounts open. As the bets are going to make you at least “look like” the sort of customer most bookmakers seek.

Update – 12th November 2015
I’ve followed this service now with my own money for just over a month and I’m pleased to report a healthy profit. The emails are received with plenty of time to get on the bets, (which can be at any time of day as the service focuses on worldwide sport from Tennis to College Football) and the advice is clear, concise and seems well researched. The only real negative I can put on this service is the odds range it focuses on, but having said that although I’ve seen this type of service fail in the past, I’ve also seen just about every other type of service fail in the past too, operating at all odds. What you do need to realise though if you are going to back these, is that losers will happen and indeed when four of the first seven bets I received lost, my £500 bank was down £350 and I was beginning the think this could be the fastest £500 I’d ever lost! I stuck with it though, knowing that quitting on the hoof like that is not normally a rational decision. It took 20 days and 44 bets  (some of which took a fair amount of time to place simply because I’d never heard of the teams I was betting on!) to get back to square one and the bank to recover to £500. From that point though the winners kept rolling in and with each one the profit was expanding.
After a very impressive run of 35 winning bets from 36 I suspected a loser or two would come and that proved the case with losing bets on the 8th and 10th. However winding up the review the profit stands at a very respectable £245. My actual profit is some £71 less as I did manage to miss 6 selections by not placing them in time, and sods law – they were all winners.

My results

My results

View all my recorded results on this spreadsheet

I’ve recorded those bets at advised prices, but its worth noting that the published prices are actually lower than what you get in general, so this is a rare case of service publishing results that you can actually beat! Not only that but another plus is that you can,if you wish, use Betfair Exchange almost exclusively. So its certainly one that will appeal to those that have no access to bookmakers, or restricted accounts.

If I hadn’t got two of my own services to run, a blog, and an already pretty full betting portfolio, this would quite likely be something I’d add to my portfolio.


Check Out Banker Bets Here

Oh – Almost forgot – Banker Bets is very reasonably priced costing £155 a year, and your first month is only £6.75.

With betting past results don’t always give you a guarantee of future profits. Even the best laid plans can be scuppered by a turn of fortune.  BUT…If you’ve got an edge over the market and you’re able to bet at VALUE prices, you’ll always end up in profit if you have enough patience.
So I want to share with you a great example of patience paying off for me. In this example with the Stat Of The Day selections alongside the Statpicks selections.
The below graph shows the period 18th April – 8th July, 3 months in and over 250 bets struck. 2015-08-13_1001A lot of action and having spent a lot of time in profit the losers had brought me back to square one. This isn’t going anywhere is it? I can see how a lot of people could very easily lose interest at this point noting that all their efforts to get on the advised bets, at the advised prices, and record it all – have come to nothing.
Well, if I’d have done just that and sidelined the whole plan I’d seriously be kicking myself now. Look at what’s happened since then:
2015-08-13_1021Almost a £1000 worth of profit in a little over a month! Nice.
My point is with this is that you must stick to your guns with betting if you want to be successful, do your research, make a plan, stick to it.
A good plan would be to start following Geegeez Stat Of The Day Selections, along with Stat Picks.
The SotD selections are responsible for £900 of the profit shown above, but I did miss three bets on a day that would have yielded £125 profit from StatPicks. Bottom line is that they are both profitable. Stat Of The Day has a higher ROI but prices certainly are under more pressure than the statpicks bets, and they are both from the same tipster using the same approach.
Dont forget of course that when you sign up for Stat of the Day you are getting access to the whole (excellent) Geegeez Gold package!

Geegeez Gold

Good Luck