Who Am I?

And why should you be interested in my opinion?

I’ll start with my background, what I’ve learnt, and how it can help you.

For the best part of my working life I had a regular job working in offices doing mundane tasks. I didn’t like it much but it just about kept my head above water.

My interest in betting was born out of a desire to find something that would replace my day job. Not out of the desire or need to gamble. In fact I’ve always been quite risk averse.

Only recently have I become comfortable with larger stakes bets. I’d spend many years working 9 to 5 and trying to fit my betting in between.
I was following sports betting tipsters and racing systems in my breaks and in my spare time.

I was always looking for one single thing that I would be able to make enough money out of so that I could quit work.

It’s not good being desperate and despite my cautious approach I was simply too desperate to find out the truth about making money from betting.

The Truth.

Since 1998 I’ve spent many thousands of hours researching and testing horse racing systems, betting systems, tipsters and staking plans.

I’ve trailed and tested literally hundreds of systems, tipsters and services.

For the past 12 years my No.1 pastime has been researching, developing and testing all number of things from within the gambling industry.

The truth I’ve discovered is that there is no “turnkey” way to make money, no payday every month and no guarantees.

This truth I hard to swallow for most, it took me literally years to understand this way of thinking.

But what is also undeniably true, is that it is absolutely possible to make a profit, and to make this profit LONG TERM.

Discovering this simple truth has changed me from someone who would jump from one system to another, follow different tipsters from month to month always looking for something to “earn enough money from”, but ultimately coming out on the wrong side.

To someone who KNOWS how to identify what is likely to make money in the LONG TERM, and is prepared to stick with it.

Going It Alone.

Back in 2005 I’d finally had enough of working to someone else’s rules. I handed in my notice and focused solely on developing a website and honing my betting skills/knowledge.

In 2006 I set up Winning Racing Tips. I’d found one method that I KNEW was a winner in the long run and I’ve stuck with it.

Four profitable years on and over 1200 selections have proved I was right.

But the method I use to find my selections for Winning Racing Tips isn’t the only profitable approach that I’ve found.

In fact I’ve uncovered so many different profitable tipsters, methods and approaches that it is in fact impossible for me to include all of them in my own portfolio.

But what I can do is share the best of what I know in my newsletter and hopefully help you to be able to build your own successful betting portfolio!

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Paul Ruffy Administrator

Out of his home office in Canvey Island, Paul Ruffy has been helping people turn a profit year on year since 2006 he now runs both bettingprofitsbulletin.com and matchdayprofits.com His goal is to help people make money through betting, without losing a fortune in the process!

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