5 Ways to Improve Your Betting in 2012

Are you planning to make any changes to your betting habits in 2012?
Maybe you’ll make a decision to stop placing those spur of the moment, “fun bets”, that always seem to leave you out of pocket, maybe you’ve decided that you really should get your head round this spreadsheet malarkey and start properly recording all of your bets.
Or maybe you’d like to expand your betting portfolio and knowledge.
Whatever you own situation might be, here are some sure-fire ways to improve your betting in 2012.

1.Make your own horse racing system

Contrary to popular belief, horse racing systems DO work. Not all of them work mind, and nothing will work indefinitely, but finding one that is very likely to work, at least over the next season or so has never been easier, in my opinion. You can do your own research using the stats available on the Racing Post site amongst others, or for a short cut to professional system creation, I highly recommend Horse Racing Experts.(Note: Product is no longer available and links have been removed)

2. Create/expand/improve your own betting portfolio

I believe the best way to make an ongoing, regular profit from betting is to build a diverse portfolio of betting methods, systems and tipsters. You’ll no doubt come across the odd good one here and there, which I suggest you hold on to. But to really get the low-down on what services are hot and those that most certainly aren’t, you are really going to need to have someone do all that monitoring for you.  Probably your best option for tipster monitoring is Secret Betting Club, its superb value and I’m happy to endorse.

3. Use “Matched Betting” to extract cash from bookmaker offers.

As I’ve covered in several recent posts on this blog, you’re basically turning down free money if you’re not already doing this. Its a relatively simple process that can enable you to extract hundreds of pounds in bookmaker bonuses. For more information on this read my post here, or join up with Bonus Bagging to get most of the “work” done for you!

4. Improve your profitable betting know-how.

Knowledge is power as they say and certainly it very often translates directly into profit as far as betting is concerned. Learning more about horse racing for example will allow you to come up with more angles of attack, and help you spot what is clearly not going to work and what might have substance. Learning more about football statistics will help you to understand in play betting patterns and approaches along with allowing you to develop your own. You cant put a price on your own knowledge base, and I can say this with some confidence as my own expertise has given me the opportunity to escape the “rat race”, and basically earn money through what used to be essentially, just a hobby.
A great product for expanding your knowledge base that I can recommend is ” The Betting School Insiders Club“.

5. Join Winning Racing Tips

Fairly straightforward one this. My own each way value tips have delivered nice profits in each of the last SIX years. The chances of a profitable 2012 are therefore similar to that of the Premier League title going to Manchester this season. Plus you’ll probably get somewhat of a “betting education” as a by product as well by reading my write ups and analysing the type of bets.
New members can currently sign up for just £47 for the first three months.

That’s all for now, if you’re reading this in time, don’t forget about this tonight.
I wish you all the best for a Happy and Prosperous 2012.


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