Betfair and Smarkets Premier League Promos – easy pickings

Both Betfair and Smarkets have super easy offers that you should be taking advantage of if you have an account right now.
Smarkets have been running their Winter Premier League Promotion since the start of December now and its in its last week now, but you can still take the last free £10 on offer.
Here’s how:
You “must have at least £10 (or currency equivalent) of settled exposure on five different English Premier League matches to receive a £10”
Details here:
So we’re going to place five back bets on Betfair Exchange in Premier League match odds markets and lay them on Smarkets ensuring the liability on the latter is at least £10.
So look at the first match on Betfair Exchange and back the biggest price in the match odds, working out to win just over £10, so for the Friday match (Wolves v Leicester) we’d have £5 on the Draw @ 3.35 on Betfair Exchange and Lay £4.78 @ 3.4 on Smarkets which would result in a loss of £0.32 whatever the outcome.
I suggest you use a calculator to work out your stakes before placing either side of the qualifying bets. Such as the one at Oddsmonkey
Here’s how the above example looks (assuming 5% commission on Betfair, 2% Smarkets):


Bigger prices will result in less than 32p losses per match so you can see that the £10 tends to work out less than £1.50 to qualify for!
There’s six matches this weekend so you’ll need to do five of those to qualify for the £10 before the promotion ends on the 17th. These five qualifiers typically take around 5 mins to do so once you get the hang of it.

Betfair Exchange have an offer that is slightly more complicated that usual for them, but nonetheless is very much worthwhile. Here’s last weekend’s offer:


As a qualifier we backed and layed Everton, placing the back bet on Everton and laying them on Smarkets:


As you can see the free £10 liability Lay cost us only 81p to qualify for.
Then to maximise the profit potential of the lay, my strategy is to lay the current result in play, when its as low as 1.40 or shorter.
That means we can take £25+ profit if the result should change late on in the game, as if often the case in Premier League matches.
So we were able to Lay Watford when they were 1-0 up against Brighton on Saturday by laying a £25 stake @ 1.4, this was matched for us about 75 minutes in just before the Brighton equaliser, meaning we made £25 profit on the game. And £24.19 from the offer after the qualifying loss was taken into account.
Note: you must use your mobile to action the lay bet with this offer.

Look out for this offer coming up again from Betfair and let us know how you get on in the comments!


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