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Along with the main question of profitability – several key questions need answering when reviewing the option of following a tipster.
For me these are accuracy and transparency of results, attainability of prices, and practicalities of following, such as timing and costs.
I’ve followed the “Always Back Winners, Premium Newsletter” service now since 31st July so let’s review how the service has done.
My trial started spectacularly… with two winners at 16/1 and 14/1 from the first three selections!
– it’s hard to find winners in that price range so to land TWO straight off the bat was impressive indeed.
I could have stopped there and told everyone to lump on, but realistically I knew that kind of form is only ever fleeting, and besides I wanted to get a proper handle on the service and test over at least a few weeks.
It’s all about consistency and bank building when it comes to making profits over the long run.
Over the next month I recorded 41 selections, all advised each way and all within the 9/2 to 33/1 price range. The average advised odds are around 8/1 but during this period over half the selections (25) were at double figure prices. There’s normally one per day, sometimes two. The message is emailed out early morning, normally about 8am and you access tips via a members only webpage.
Its all super easy to follow with the best price and where that price is available detailed in the message. Along with any special place terms on offer.

So is it profitable?

Well with two big priced winners this short trial was always going to end up in profit.
Perhaps more importantly is the performance over the whole season, and to Gary’s staking plan on his £1k to £10k flat season challenge the initial £1000 is now at £2892.
And given what I’ve personally recorded, I’m fairly confident in the previous claimed results.

Whether you follow that or not is personal choice – level stakes are also seem very profitable to advised prices.
Talking of which, how attainable are the prices?
Well I’m pleased to say that this scores well in that area. I’ve detailed all the prices I actually took in my recorded results below along with the advised prices and bookies.

The key thing to note here is that I wasn’t trying particularly hard!
I checked the site when I had time as opposed to trying to get on as soon as the tips were published, and I still managed to get the advised price a fair proportion of the time.
You’ll note that I’ve not included prices on days that I missed the bets – my P/L results are to the actual prices I took or to advised price if I missed the bet altogether. I certainly think a more punctual approach could get better results.
The main bookies were Betfair and Bet365 and a handful of accounts should suffice to get the advised prices or at least very close to.

Another key area I look at is transparency of results.
I did find one losing selection had been omitted from the published sheet, on a day when there were two bets, I pulled Gary on this and the site was corrected/updated and I’m prepared to accept that as a genuine error.
I’m of the thinking that anyone that goes to lengths to prepare detailed spreadsheets rather than just make claims without evidence isn’t the type to make up spurious results. (As a side note I’ve also noted in my results where there could have been a possible R4 deduction and I didn’t back the selection so was unable to quantify.)
That said the published results are certainly a best case scenario and I’d question whether you’d actually be able to get the stakes on towards the upper end of the 10k challenge, (£100 e/w @ 12/1 isn’t exactly under the radar!) but as a service that can grow your bank whether using level stakes or percentage of bank, in my experience this certainly looks worthy of serious consideration.

I don’t have time to read much in the way of write ups, but from what I’ve seen Gary knows his stuff and the angles he uses seem sound. If you like to follow horses you’re going to get more enjoyment out of this, but most of us just like winners and it scores on both counts. His record shows he’s particularly effective during the flat season so that’s something to bear in mind.  (April- Oct)
Cost wise, the subscription fees are going to help keep this is a low risk investment, as £25 a month is very fair, and if you want, you can get that down to £15 by taking out an annual sub.

Always Back Winners gets the nod from me. You can sign up here:

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