Banker Bets, Value Picks and Draw Doubles

Been a while since I first covered Banker Bets back in 2015, but John has been quietly beavering away, working hard for his subscribers, and as part of my yearly round up it is worth looking at how his service is doing.
The service started with Banker Bets which has now been operating for four years. It a service backing long odds on shots in football matches typically between 1.10 and 1.40, (The advantage of this kind of betting is that the strike rate is very high). There’s about 400 odd bets per year and you can see that its a lot of bets for a low ROI,  and 2017 was pretty disastrous all things told.
2014 +9.61pts

2015 +3.18pts

2016 +18.83pts

2017 -8.83pts

But credit where its due, John doesn’t hide any of the losses, and as I said before prices can be improved upon. Its not a service that will appeal to many based on how much “work” required for profit returned, however the bets advised are well researched and clearly do have an edge over time, albeit small. So as filler, or padding bets to help keep turnover up on an account to disguise other activity, such as targeting offers etc they could certainly have a use.

Value Picks
John started a new service called Value Picks earlier in the year working at slightly higher odds, the range above 1.5 to around 3.5. These are advised at £25 instead of £100 and results thus far look like this:
Again, nothing earth shattering but they are genuine and it amounts to around £260 profit from placing about 300 bets @ £25 each.
As with Banker Bets the selections could be viewed not only as profitable in their own right, but could be utilised to meet weekly turner requirements to qualify for free bets (for Skybet, Corals or Betway’s offers) or just to “pad out” accounts.

Draw Doubles
Perhaps most interesting of all however is John’s latest venture, “Draw Doubles”.
This one immediately appeals to me for a number of reasons. Firstly I think the Draw is the most overlooked bet in football and therefore can often be the best value. Secondly its a strategy I already use and have had success with myself.
Indeed as chance has it I had a free £25 Bet with Bet365 yesterday which I’d decided to use on the draw in the match between Arsenal and Chelsea, and I’d also found another decent opportunity to back the Draw in the match between Benfica and Sporting in Portugal, in that instance I doubled it up with another selection (Juventus -2) to get some value out of a free bet I had on another account.  Having checked back at Johns Draw selections his system had also picked both these matches as Draws which ended 2-2 and 1-1.

During his trails of his new method John’s selections have fared very well. He combines them in doubles, so with every three selections you bet three doubles. And he also proof’s as singles for those that want to keep things simple.
I’m a fan of multiples, if you know the value is on your side you are multiplying that value. A draw “trixie” can yield very handsome returns. It’d be interesting to see how they would have done if bet as trixies but this isn’t shown on the results. (A Trixie is 3 selections combined in doubles and a treble too)
In any case the results look very impressive to date:
So as you can see very promising and a fairly decent sample size at 321 bets. Wouldn’t advise diving in with big stakes but certainly something interesting from someone who has a track record of profit and producing genuine results.
You can try it out free FREE here.

(Having checked the results – on three occassions where three occassions where a treble would have landed, for about 90pts returned, over 110 bets, so a slight loss on the trebles but with that kinda strike rate one or two winners makes a massive difference so not reading much into that and makes more sense to look at results of the singles and doubles)

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