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Did you know you can enter a host of very quick and easy games every week that give you the chance to win between £25000 and £250000?
All of the games I list below are totally free to enter, have an element of skill (and luck!) involved and could net you life changing sum. So totally worth doing, I’m sure you’ll agree.

You’ll need to have a bookmaker account with the firm in question, and you’ll need to resist the urge to back your picks with your own money when they offer you the that option. Do that and these are 100% risk free and fun too.

First up, Skybet SUPER 6 (£250k)

You need to predict the correct score in 6 specific matches to land the jackpot here, which is a whopping £250,000.  A quick calculation (7*7*7*7*7*7) leads me to believe the odds are about 117649.00 of achieving that, so a pretty tricky task for sure! But there’s a £5000 prize for the highest scoring player each week in any case even if no-one gets all 6 right.

Also from Skybet is the Sportinglife Pick 7 (£50k), whilst logged in you may as well do this one as well. You’ll need to pick the winner in each of 7 races that day and submit your entry. Again you’ll be offered the chance to back these with your own money. I suggest you don’t.

Next up BetVictor Golden Goal (£25K)
This is quite an interesting one. Here you have to pick:

  • The First Goal Scorer (EG: Paul Pogba)
  • The First Goal Minute: 28’ (27.00-27.59)
  • The Correct Score: Manchester United 2 : 1 Manchester City

Obviously that’s quite a tricky task but not totally impossible and well worth a stab for free.
You’ll need a BetVictor account to enter but thats all. You can gain 1 extra go at this each week if you stake £25 over the course of a week with them and 2 extra attempts if you’ve staked £50. You can see how many people made the correct prediction last week and what they won. Tidy.

Betway “Four To Score” (£50k)
They have just this week increased the jackpot from £25k to £50k, which is nice.

Again a simple but interesting formula. Pick the first team to score in each of the four English League divisions.
All you need is an account with Betway, (even a gubbed one will let you enter) and you can even just hit “random” to pick four teams randomly, which might not be the worst tactic for those lacking time or insight, but if you can predict the four correctly you’ll pick up £50k (or a share of, if there’s more than one winner). Its harder than it sounds this one but the jackpot has been won three times this season already (see:

Paddypower HOTSHOT JACKPOT (£275K)

You’ve gotta pick the first goalscorer in 6 matches to win this huge jackpot, and there’s a £2500 consolation which will be paid out to the winner of each round regardless, and £2500 to the player that get the most predictions correct over the course of the season.
Again, obviously not an easy task but a little insight and research should help considerably and it has been won once this season already.
This is a big jackpot from Paddypower, I’d think twice about entering if your account is gubbed with them however, as I can’t imagine how it’d feel winning but them refusing to pay out!

A good tip for both the BetVictor and the Paddypower offers – you want to be picking players that are named in the starting line up so leave it until just before kick off and make sure your selections are starting. You can follow all Premier League clubs via this twitter feed:
Good Luck!

PS. Please remember me if you win one of these 😉





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