Matchdayprofits – In Review of 2015/16 season

As part of my review of how thing’s have gone with my football bets at Matchdayprofits I decided to collate some statistics.
As you may know I personally made over £2300 profit from betting on the football last season, and overall that figure is over £3000 if you include the end of the previous season and Euro 2016 too.

I’ve shared the exact bets and stakes with all my members at

What I was interested in was isolating the Accumulator bets, as this was a part of the service that had become a primary source of profit and provided lots of enjoyment following them too.
I focus on Acca’s utilising “acca insurance” with various bookies, and as such a good number of my bets resulted in getting the stakes returned as a free bet, which I can normally cash out to get about 70% of the stakes back, or more.

So how have I done with this type of bet?
Well I tallied up all the advised Accumulators I advised, that was anything that was a four fold or greater, and I’d made 94 bets in total.
28 of these were winners giving a strike rate of just under 30%, 31 were losers returning no free bet, and a further 35 were “pushes” where I got a free bet refund.

To try an analyse these comparably I assumed level staking when calculating the returns.
So overall the winners would have returned a profit of 107.87pts, the losers -31pts.
The 35 that returned a free bet I’ve assumed a conservative loss of 35% on, meaning the loss on those bets could be assumed to have been -12.25pts.
Adding that up leaves a total profit of 64.62pts from 94 bets – that’s a ROI of 69%!

Its fairly obvious that I’ve done very well with these bets.
But what about if we didn’t have the Acca insurance?
There’s a number of people who have been betting a while and have had the concessions removed from their accounts – would it be worth them placing the bets even without the Acca insurance?

Well on these figures YES.
Taking total profits of +107.87 minus 66 losing bets leaves a profit of +41.87 and still a very healthy ROI of 44.5%.

[table caption=”Matchdayprofits 2015/16 Acca Stats” width=”400″ colwidth=”100|20|50″ colalign=”left|center|center|center|center”]
With Acca Insurance,94,28,31,35,67%,+64.62,69%
W/O Acca Insurance,94,28,66,-,30%,+41.87,44.5%

BUT that’s not really the full picture.
As when I’m striking an Accumulator bet with Acca insurance, I’m very often (if not all of he time) taking a worse price than I could have gotten elsewhere without the concession.
So it’s fairly safe to say that the +41.87 figure could have been substantially improved upon by taking best prices.

All this shows that you can certainly do very well backing accumulators if you’re selective and thorough with your research and form study.

Plus of course that’s only analysing the 4 folds and upwards, looking at the broader picture here’s the profit graph from last season, all bets to advised stakes:

Whilst luck certainly does play a part with this type of betting I’ve more than a season and a half of success behind me now and am confident of more success to come.

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