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I’ve decided to review the “Banker Bets” Service. Its an unusual service in that in concentrates on only short odds “Bankers”. I’m not particularly a fan of this type of service, although I am a believer in the principle that value can be found at the very short end of the market, and that bank growth can be significant.
I’m recording my results on this spreadsheet, to £50 stakes. I’m risking £500 total.


The service is run by John Baker, an ex-professional Poker player and it has run up just over a year of verified results to date. That’s a fairly short period granted, but what attracts me to this service is that the results recording looks sound, and not shy of posting the losers along with the winners, and that at such short odds, a relatively small sample size holds more water than perhaps a service picking outsiders.
That said, I have seen at least one service that springs to mind that also had a decent record, betting at similar odds, that took an irrecoverable nose dive. At these short odds you really do not have to have that many losers and you are in a real bad position.
So we’ll see how it pans out for a short trial and go from there.
The other potential benefits from this are perhaps not that obvious – Bets at 1-4 are never likely to set off any alarm bells with any bookmakers, and you can get better or very close to the best prices on Betfair Exchange too, so this isn’t only an option for people who have had problems with bookmaker restrictions but also in fact may actually help in keeping your accounts open. As the bets are going to make you at least “look like” the sort of customer most bookmakers seek.

Update – 12th November 2015
I’ve followed this service now with my own money for just over a month and I’m pleased to report a healthy profit. The emails are received with plenty of time to get on the bets, (which can be at any time of day as the service focuses on worldwide sport from Tennis to College Football) and the advice is clear, concise and seems well researched. The only real negative I can put on this service is the odds range it focuses on, but having said that although I’ve seen this type of service fail in the past, I’ve also seen just about every other type of service fail in the past too, operating at all odds. What you do need to realise though if you are going to back these, is that losers will happen and indeed when four of the first seven bets I received lost, my £500 bank was down £350 and I was beginning the think this could be the fastest £500 I’d ever lost! I stuck with it though, knowing that quitting on the hoof like that is not normally a rational decision. It took 20 days and 44 bets  (some of which took a fair amount of time to place simply because I’d never heard of the teams I was betting on!) to get back to square one and the bank to recover to £500. From that point though the winners kept rolling in and with each one the profit was expanding.
After a very impressive run of 35 winning bets from 36 I suspected a loser or two would come and that proved the case with losing bets on the 8th and 10th. However winding up the review the profit stands at a very respectable £245. My actual profit is some £71 less as I did manage to miss 6 selections by not placing them in time, and sods law – they were all winners.

My results
My results

View all my recorded results on this spreadsheet

I’ve recorded those bets at advised prices, but its worth noting that the published prices are actually lower than what you get in general, so this is a rare case of service publishing results that you can actually beat! Not only that but another plus is that you can,if you wish, use Betfair Exchange almost exclusively. So its certainly one that will appeal to those that have no access to bookmakers, or restricted accounts.

If I hadn’t got two of my own services to run, a blog, and an already pretty full betting portfolio, this would quite likely be something I’d add to my portfolio.


Check Out Banker Bets Here

Oh – Almost forgot – Banker Bets is very reasonably priced costing £155 a year, and your first month is only £6.75.

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6 thoughts on “Banker Bets Reviewed”

  1. Was on this for over a year and it was going ok I was compounding stakes of 10% then Armageddon arrived, in 6 weeks the strike dropped to not much over 50% and you can guess the rest

    1. Thanks Ian –
      I’ve ran a load of tests previously and whatever way I look at it the compounding thing is problematic.
      For me level stakes is king – its far more practical too.
      Given that I’ve almost doubled my bank in a month, I would think this is very much a “take the profit” service then start the bank again.
      Is it not the case that you’d have shown a level stakes profit over the period you subscribed?
      The results in their entirety to date look impressive, and I think are all published accurately.

  2. Hi when did you review this. I had subscribed to this service until only last week and I never saw a 35 fro 36 winning bet streak. In fact had you subscribed to Banker Bets in Jan this year and started with £1000 bank your bank would have been below £1000 come Oct 30th. Your review does not feel accurate
    In fact John even scrapped the bank in Oct and started again I’m guessing because his results spreadsheet looked pretty poor. Now he only sends out results since Oct???

    1. Hi,
      I reviewed it just now. (Bit of a silly question no? 😉 )
      I’ve published my exact results on the spreadsheet, every bet has the date next to it – I dont see any discrepancies in my data, and I’ve not found any in the published data either supplied via Banker Bets. Not sure where you’ve got your figures from!
      I’ve been as transparent as possible.

      1. I should add that John has categorically stated that the bank has never been scrapped – and aside from myself (a totally independent 3rd party here!) , Secret Betting Club have ALSO independently verified his 2015 results.
        As I said I’m happy to recommend this service on what I’ve seen, it carrys risk as all betting does, and also requires a professional attitude as all betting does.

  3. I have been with this service since august 2013 , and agree with everything you say, a few bad months this year that really damaged the bank. but what most people don’t realise is how quickly you recover your losses. I will be staying with john as I have the greatest confidence in him

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