When Patience Pays Off

With betting past results don’t always give you a guarantee of future profits. Even the best laid plans can be scuppered by a turn of fortune.  BUT…If you’ve got an edge over the market and you’re able to bet at VALUE prices, you’ll always end up in profit if you have enough patience.
So I want to share with you a great example of patience paying off for me. In this example with the Stat Of The Day selections alongside the Statpicks selections.
The below graph shows the period 18th April – 8th July, 3 months in and over 250 bets struck. 2015-08-13_1001A lot of action and having spent a lot of time in profit the losers had brought me back to square one. This isn’t going anywhere is it? I can see how a lot of people could very easily lose interest at this point noting that all their efforts to get on the advised bets, at the advised prices, and record it all – have come to nothing.
Well, if I’d have done just that and sidelined the whole plan I’d seriously be kicking myself now. Look at what’s happened since then:
2015-08-13_1021Almost a £1000 worth of profit in a little over a month! Nice.
My point is with this is that you must stick to your guns with betting if you want to be successful, do your research, make a plan, stick to it.
A good plan would be to start following Geegeez Stat Of The Day Selections, along with Stat Picks.
The SotD selections are responsible for £900 of the profit shown above, but I did miss three bets on a day that would have yielded £125 profit from StatPicks. Bottom line is that they are both profitable. Stat Of The Day has a higher ROI but prices certainly are under more pressure than the statpicks bets, and they are both from the same tipster using the same approach.
Dont forget of course that when you sign up for Stat of the Day you are getting access to the whole (excellent) Geegeez Gold package!

Geegeez Gold

Good Luck


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  1. I have followed stat of the day since 7th Jan.Considering it is one bet a day it is very consistent.4 winners on the trot until yesterdays loser and that was to the selections stable companion.

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