Winning Racing Tips 2013 – Annual Review

Another profitable year has come and gone, and we’re already well into January, doesn’t time fly.
2013 proved difficult at times but once again those with the correct attitude and required patience collected a nice return from the service.
Overall stats for the year:
Bets: 204 
Staked: 116 pts
Profit: 21.27 pts
ROI: 18.34%

As is to be expected we experienced ups and downs along the road to profit.
The year started well in January with the very first each way double coming in followed shortly after by three singles the same month at 13/2, 7/1 and 10/1. Progress thereafter was steady until Paris Rose won a Maiden at Redcar followed right after with Hillstar winning the King Edward VII Stakes at Ascot on the 21st June capping a great day. That day was to be high water mark for the whole summer though as once again we endured a poor July and August losing run. By August the 22nd we had lost most of the years profits putting us back to the same level as mid January!
This happens with betting and as always it was just a case of sticking to the plan. The run ended with 2 winners on the 23rd/24th August, followed by a good run in September and October where consistency returned.
The year was capped off with two winners on the 27th and 30th December and overall the ROI went up to 18% for the year, with the majority of profits being made after 22nd August.
I don’t tend to read too much into where and how the profits are made – its the 12 month and yearly profits that interest me – but I think looking at how a year pans out can be good for members and would be members as it helps keep a perspective on the long term.
The point is you need to judge results over the LONG term not a few months – in fact I’d say that if you judge this service over anything less than a year then you’re not really judging it at all!

In terms of money-making potential some might say that a little over 21pts isn’t much profit for 12 months, but you need to consider the staking and bank size before coming to any premature or incorrect conclusions.
The recommended bank is between 25-30pts, or £2500-£3000 and to increase that to £4627 or £5127 – isn’t to be sniffed at in my book. Especially when you consider that this is super-low risk (we’ve NEVER had a losing year 2006-2014) as well as being practical, with not much time involved , and of course all profits from betting are Tax free.

Average Stakes
I like to see what the average stakes have been, as the advised stakes have been reducing over the years as highlighted in the 2012 review  . Thankfully I think I’ve addressed this situation now with the average stakes remaining at the 2012 level of 0.28pt e/w.  This means if you were using a £2500 bank and splitting it into 25pts, you’re average stake would be £28 each way.  My advised bank remains 30pts though some may feel comfortable using 25pts.
The worst losing period of the last 12 months saw a draw-down of 9.81 pts.
Side Notes:
I always like to be 100% transparent with my results and therefore I should point out that results include ARMS from the 7th November that was advised as a bet, followed shortly after by a message advising no bet due to a non runner reducing the field size below 8, I said in that message that the tip would be included in results as many would already have the bet placed (including me).  All selections and historical results can be downloaded from

The BIG picture

Growth shown over the last 1506 selections





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2 thoughts on “Winning Racing Tips 2013 – Annual Review”

  1. I recall that when I subscribed to WRP it had a poor July and August that year. If this is a common to many/most years, then perhaps it would be better to stop betting/tipping for those months.

  2. Its July that’s been the issue a few years, the thought of taking the month off and spending it in the sun had passed my mind I can assure you! 😉

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