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The 2013/2014 Premier League campaign is almost upon us. So have you done your homework? Have you got your ante-post bets sorted yet? What profitable angles are you going to be looking out for? Are you ready to take advantage of all the free money (in free bets) that can liquidated from new and existing accounts? Do you have a set of in-play strategies that you plan to follow?
Well fear not because I’ve got it all covered!

Free Guides/Tips
First Up go and grab yourself a great free guide courtesy of Matt Houghton (of Agora) Matt always speaks sense and this guide is no different, he’s pointed out a good number of interesting team angles and predictions. This FREE report that analyses every single team in the Barclay’s Premiership and specifically points out the very best value bets for you to make.

You can get it free here

(Note: you will have to give up your email address so use a secondary email if you don’t particularly want to receive future mailings.)  

A great number of you may follow the Racing Post as far as betting tips go, and their “Big Kick Off” is a bumper ante-post betting guide stuffed full of tips. But do their “experts” really earn hit the target? The guys at SBC have proofed all of the previous advice given and you can find out exactly what the results were in another free report available from here.
(Note: Once again, there is no easy unsubscribe option so don’t use your main email)

(The Big Kick Off was published on July 30, but you can still get it for £2.95 in digital form here: )
While I’m on the subject of SBC, you really should consider following their free “Fink Tank” football tips this season. You can get the system for free here:  And the selections are on their Facebook page:

Free Bets (=Free Money)
Dont forget to look out for Bet365 running their free £50 in play bet offer, this is gauranteed payout of about £35 every time! I’m somewhere around £150-£200 to the good thanks to this offer alone.
Check out BetWay and 188Bet, they both have great welcome bonuses which I’ll be looking to scalp. (Tip use the free calculator at )

In Play Strategies
I’m gonna try and keep this short and sweet as I would have to write pages and pages to explain each in detail! (if this is something you want to see let me know)

  • Classic LTD
    “Lay the Draw” – This technique is where you lay the draw before KO or early on in the match when it’s 0-0, and back the draw at a higher price after a goal has been scored locking in some profit. Sounds simple but no goals, late goals and goals in quick succession are all major headaches if you’re not careful. My top tip – use this one sparingly. Look for games likely to be full of action with low draw prices (under 3.5) get out when you can, and don’t over expose yourself.
  • Lay the Shortie
    Here you oppose the very short teams, for instance Man Utd at home to a bottom half side, and back them once they’ve drifted out to a bigger price. If you lay at say 1.2 you keep your liability down and it affords a more relaxed approach to trading. That said you really want to be finding either home teams that take their time  (Tip – check HT/FT stats) or sprightly away sides with special extra motivation or an ability to defend well, at least early on in games.
  • Back AU
    This is one of my forum members favourites. Basically you back the “Any Unquoted” option in the Betfair correct score market, usually at fairly high odds, and look to trade out and lock in a profit when the market “knee-jerks” after a goal is scored. Again, its a low risk approach where success or failure will depend on your ability to find the matches with goals in, particularly early ones.
  • The Opportunist
    This is basically very similar to the Lay The Shortie approach but here its very much a case of acting only when opportunities arise. You’re simply looking to back the shorties (teams that start off long odds-on) at much bigger prices deep into the game or when they go a goal down. Very often a goal for the opposing side is what wakes up the big teams who go on to win easily – hopefully not before you’ve backed them at a juicy price 0-1 down. Tips – watch when possible look for teams you regularly score late and also teams that sit very deep or get nervous when in front. Villa for example are a team that have been incapable of hanging on to a lead in recent seasons.

Aston Villa Betting
Everyone needs a niche in betting and rather than scatter gun my weekly bets, I’ve decided to primarily focus my efforts on matches involving my own team – Aston Villa.
With something like 100 markets to peruse for each and every match there’s enough work in just covering one team’s matches, and it will be a unique way of trying to make a profit over the course of a season.
I’ve set up a new blog at – check that our now where I’ve already posted my ante-post bets.  (Note: You can sign up to receive weekly free tips via email – and there’s a one-click unsubscribe if you ever want to opt out)

Good Luck this season and please get in touch if you’ve any strategies or stories to share.



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