Ready, Steady… Snow!

No sooner had 2013 got under way it seems its ground to a swift halt, at least from a racing perspective, with only the most staunch all weather punter likely to find any worthwhile betting opportunities.

But this lull in betting can be used to your advantage. If you haven’t yet set out what you want to accomplish in 2013 maybe now is a good time. Maybe you want to expand your betting portfolio, maybe you want to start one, or maybe you just want to be a little bit more organised with your betting.

I know I certainly need to be more organised in 2013!

One thing I do want to do is be of better service to you guys.

2012 was a great year for Winning Racing Tips (you can read my annual review here), and I also launched Winning Racing Systems in September, which its fair to say has had mixed results thus far.

But the other side of my business is this site, Betting Profits Bulletin, it’s a free resource and although  I’ve always preferred the “Quality over Quantity” approach, I could do more to tell you about what’s going on, what’s out there, what’s worth parting with cash for and what’s not.

With that in mind I’m going to be looking at a lot more products this year and reporting on them.

Racing Dossier


There are already a couple of things that have landed on my desk, the first is called Racing Dossier. This is a unique piece of software that allows you to develop your own systems using the built in ratings and filters that you can design yourself. It’s certainly not something for those of you that are short on time, but if you like tinkering and like the idea of finding your own unique angle then this might be worth a try.

If that’s not your bag, have you got a profitable angle for football betting?. We’re bang in the middle of the football season right now and for me, I’ve always found this is about the best time of the year for football betting. The form has settled down and there’s plenty of it in the book to go on, but likewise there’s still plenty to play for so you can also be sure you’re avoiding those end of season dead rubbers.

But let’s face facts, making a profit form football betting is hard for the casual bettor. I mean as fans we all like to think we all know a little, but in reality our knowledge often falls some way short of the required level to consistently highlight value betting opportunities. But help is at hand.

Excellent (and free!) football ratings that are used by SBC for their system.

There’s a fantastic FREE system you can download from the clever chaps at SBC. It’s based on the free Fink Tank online ratings that are published every week, (read about them by clicking the image) What the guys at SBC have done is work out how to monetize these ratings by cross referencing the ratings with available odds and Asian handicap odds to highlight the best betting opportunities.

The results this approach has produced speak for themselves, making a healthy profit over two whole seasons in the Premier League. This season the system bets are 6.3pts up from 27 staked for a ROI of 23%, they’ve also produced just shy of 5pts profit from longshot bets too, all of which you can get totally free access to.

Go to this page to get it.

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