How to get a free (profitable) racing system, free (profitable) tips and £30 to play with.

Free Horse Racing System for the All Weather

This little “micro-system” is something you may have come across before, and you may or may not have followed it. So for those that have it, you might be interested in my performance update, for those that don’t, simply go here, put your name and email in the box, and you’ll get instant access.
Its called the “American Connection” and despite its simplicity its performed admirably.
I first got hold of this system and started tracking it on the 27th January 2011.
The performance up until then had been good but more important to me was how it performed in my own trials. So here’s the performance since that date:

That really is quite impressive whatever way you look at it.
48.38pts profit at SP equates to a very healthy 24.4% Return on Investment.
What’s more, realistically you’d expect to beat that by some way by using either Betfair or early prices with Best Odds Guarantee. Get the system from here. (Note: when you get the download of this system, it will be dated December 2010, don’t let this put you off, it has performed very well since that time)

Free Stats Based Tips with Impressive Results

For the last 12 months Matt Bisogno has been posting daily tips devised from what he calls “Stat of the day”. I like stats based approaches but I suppose they are like Marmite – you either love or hate them depending on your taste. I like profits even more than Marmite or Stats though and Matt tells me these are well over 100 pts up so far. 
Now I cant quantify that, but what I can say is that I like how every selection is researched and presented and that I don’t think he’s telling porkie pies. Along with just tracking profit and loss Matt tracks the early prices against SP results to find out how much he is “beating” SP by. This is a very good indicator of the value that you are betting at, regardless of the normal ups and downs you get with betting, and is therefore sign that he has a long term profitable approach. Well worth checking out… did I mention its free?!

How to make a quick and easy £30-£35 risk free from Bet365’s in play offer.

What I’m going to explain to you here is how to make an easy £30 – £35 guaranteed profit utilising your Bet365 account and your Betfair account. (You need to have both of these to do this!)

Here is the link the Bet365’s free £50 in play bet offer that we will be using for this:

Please be sure to read that offer and the terms and conditions before proceeding with this, and note that whilst I am going to show you exactly what bets you can place, that you should find your own different bets so that there is no evidence of this being “organised”.

Ok that said the steps that you need to take are detailed in the following post from last season: .
The calculator link that is mentioned on that post is no longer working for whatever reason and therefore to work out your stakes I recommend using the “oddsmatcher” at Bet72:

I made a very quick video for you explaining the process you need to go through here:
I will post an update at half time during Tuesday’s matches with some options on trading the bet. Note that with this offer your in-play bet doesn’t have to be on the same game as the pre match bet, so if you miss Tuesdays matches you can still do this Wednesday. I will also update on my Twitter feed during the games at half time.
(I prefer to do this at Half time as it still counts as inplay but you don’t have the risk of a goal changing the odds whilst you’re placing the back/lay)

That’s all for now, please be patient of the above video link doesn’t play ball, you’ve got until next week to action the free bet offer.
Any questions (however stupid they may seem) or comments please post in the box below.

Update 9.22 Tues: OK so here it is…backed Arsenal @ 11/2 £50 B365, layed Arsenal @ 7.0 for £39.27 on Betfair. See  More that £35 profit secured. Will post alternative bet on Twitter shortly. Contact me if you need advice.






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  1. Hi Paul

    What is the longest losing run on the American Connection micro-system, during the period of your trial. Please could I see a graph of results.


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