Roulette Scam Exposed

First off Roulette Systems don’t work – Period.
I’ve written about them before on this blog and actually got a abuse from some quarters – most likely from someone with vested interests.
I keep getting spammed though with this one link, and upon reading the page, I found out that it was free, although I know they don’t work, I was still intrigued as I like to at least find out how they are making their money and what the scam is.
So here’s my take on it and a few other things you should be aware of.
Lets take a look at the page (taken from :

Its so off the scale ridiculous that perhaps it should be inserted as an example on the Wiki page for the word “Gullibility”.  But look its free software and might make a profit, right?
WRONG.  I’ve not downloaded this and in my opinion you’d have to be very foolish to do so.  You see Roulette is a system that is designed to make the casinos money, there is a built in “egde” that you cannot change and therefore you will always lose – in the long run.  So ignoring all the ridiculous claims as the utter garbage that they are, what’s actually going here?
I’ll take a educated stab.
The casinos welcome every type of punter, unlike bookmakers who have some areas that can be exploited by educated punters, casinos have rigid games whereby the results although happening by chance, are totally dictated by  mathematical probability – this means they know the precise chances of something happening and can set the odds in their favour.
So in short they don’t care where the customers come from and in particular whether or not they might want to follow a “system”. Now I say system, but in reality all Roulettle systems are merely staking plans.  You see a horse racing system could be as simple as
“Lay 2yo horses on their 2nd run under 2.74 in 5 runner+ Maidens”, thats a system that has some reasoning and tries to beat “the book”. But you cannot expose any chinks in roulette as there aren’t any. To do so would be utter nonsense, its a game of chance – pure and simple. You can’t say things like “if the numbers 9, 11 and 13 come up then bet on 15”. Every spin is unrelated to the previous spin and every number always has equal chances.
So any so called “system” is simply adjusting the stakes in order to try and make a profit on a sequence of bets, usually using crude recovery methods.  Now recovery staking is a subject in itself, but suffice to say it absolutely doesn’t and cannot guarantee that you will win, not least because the length of a losing sequence has no cap but also with Roulette, lower and upper table limits mean people can only ever chase losses over a certain number of bets and often cannot start at a low enough point.
So in short the software might be free but they are almost certainly getting a commission on every new customer they send to the casinos – thus making a serious profit. The casinos don’t care if they use a recovery system or not and have almost certainly set their limits to make it extremely awkward not to mention extremely risky to do so.
So in my opinion this is an elaborate scam that will certainly not make a profit for the vast majority that use it.
You might sense that I have an intense dislike of Casino Systems, that is somewhat true.
As like I said they are almost all simply jazzed up staking plans doomed to failure at varying points in a timeline. I would set aside those that fall into the “scalping” bracket however, they are methods designed to profit from the bonuses on offer and in the past I’ve used these to good effect. It should be noted though that casino’s have wised up to the “scaplers” and as such these methods have effectively been shut down over the last decade.
I don’t dislike Casino games in general though, so long as you view them as simply recreational gambling, and understand that the odds will always be in the casinos favour.
They to me represent gambling in its purest form, and there is something in all of us that enjoys risk taking. Maybe in some more than others. Take this guy for example:

Risking his whole life savings on one spin of the wheel. Some would say that guy’s stupid, for me personally I admire his courage, (although I’d probably have insisted they make the “0” a “push” to remove their advantage since they were getting free publicity!) .
When you really think about it we’re all gambling all the time with the decisions we make in life.
With my line of work people see me as “gambler” and indeed running a business can be a risk, however I’d argue that deciding to work for one company for a lifetime and risk ultimately feeling unfulfilled also represents a “gamble”. So to summarise we’ve all got our chips on the table – whether we like it or not.

But whatever you do, don’t download that friggin software!! – Or EVER expect to make a profit from Roulette.

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7 thoughts on “Roulette Scam Exposed”

  1. Just dropping you a line Paul to say thank you for the unbiased free advice you give to novice punters like me and pro’s as well. Don’t find that much these days amongst the cons and scams, so just wanted to say a big thanks and keep up the good work.

    Brisbane Australia

  2. If the software is legit than why developer dont play themself and earn instead of asking donation?. If you open roulette bot plus it wil say play with virtual money not real money. so be alert the software which they provide.

    1. As you’ll note from the article, I don’t use roulette “systems”, they aren’t systems but staking plans and cannot work.

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