Workshop Article 3: How to make Money with Winning Racing Tips & The dealing with bookies restrictions.

Assuming their will be a fair number of you that have not looked at my service in detail, and perhaps some with only a little knowledge I’m going to start by giving you a quick heads up on what it is, before moving onto what it can do for you and exactly what you need to do to make that happen.


Winning Racing Tips – Each Way Value betting tips.

The Logic

Since 2006 I’ve been giving out advice that centres on betting each way in certain races on certain selections. The method I use to come to my selections is often called “each way value” or “an each-way steal”. Without going into complex mathematical detail, this approach gives us an inherent “egde” when betting in these markets due to the fact that bookmakers offer standard each way terms such as one fifth the odds for the place. Now some “good each way” races are better than others and some selections offer more “inherent” value than others but essentially this is at the core of my selection process.

So does this approach work?

It unquestionably works, works well and works over the long term.
1800 selections spanning over 6 years, with profits around 285 pts and a Return on Investment of 16% are testament to this.

In a Nutshell

So in a nutshell I’m providing tips based on sound logic, which is proven to be profitable over a considerable period.

 What it will do for you. (If you allow me to show you how)

Firstly, this isn’t a “Golden Ticket”, or a reason enough to start dancing on your bosses desk waving your resignation letter in his face. As nice a thought as that might be for some.

It is however something that given time and application, will allow you to place profitable bets, that over time will grow your betting bank and allow you to take out a reasonable sum of money in profits.

I want that to sound un-spectacular. Because when you get down to it, making money from betting is pretty unspectacular. You turn over a certain amount of money in bets, you get a certain amount of money back in returns, and you make a profit.
Its simple, its satisfying, but we all need to distance ourselves from the fairytales of making millions from betting. If you’re one of those dreamers who think they’ll be buying a large country house on their first years betting profits then don’t bother, as you might as well join the queue for a lottery ticket with the other cerebrally detached morons.
Ok that might be a little harsh, but I want to get my point across clearly –

Have realistic expectations.

Going by those 1800 odd selections over the last 6 years I can be fairly confident in my ability to guide you along that same path of profit.

So taking the most recent years into account (when staking levels were quite similar) lets take a look at profits.


Points Profit












So, for the purposes of this exercise I’ll show you want you can expect to achieve should you make a profit of 26.14 pts over the course of the next 12 months.

I currently advise a betting bank of between 25 and 40 pts, with 30 being the optimum.

(We only bet around 0.3pt each way on average, although the max stake is 1pt e/w)


Your Betting Bank

Your 1pt stake

Your Average Stake

Your Estimated 12 Month Profit



£7.50 each way (so £15)




£15 each way (£30)




£20 each way (£40)




£25 each way (£50)




£30 each way  (£60)



A profit of between £653.50 and £2614 is therefore perfectly achievable. (Yes I know this isn’t taking into account the upfront costs of subscribing. I’ll get on to that soon.)

Of course I could have a better (or worse) 2012/13 than the average of previous years, but using the average is a reasonable guide.

You may ask why I haven’t taken the above table above a £3000 bank and £100 per point stakes, and the answer is that I’m being realistic here remember? Most people will not have that much to invest and moreover keeping stakes to the level above should enable you keep under the bookmakers radar if you play your cards right, meaning you are able to continue with this without getting cobbled by bookmakers restrictions or closures.
So what you are looking at isn’t a opportunity that is likely to be funding your next country house. But it certainly could be funding your next holiday – whether that’s to Brighton orBarbados… I couldn’t say!

Aside from the financial benefits, I’ve also found that when people join Winning Racing Tips, they often improve their betting generally. Whether this is due to applying a longer term approach, changing their portfolio, having a better mindset or a combination of factors I don’t know. But I know that the vast majority of my membership are long term profitable bettors and have made a decent return by sticking with my service.


What actions you need to take.

For your side of the bargain, you’ll need to have accounts set up with all of major UKbookmaking firms, certainly at least those that offer “Best Odds Guaranteed”.

This will mean Ladbrokes, Hills, Bet365, BetVictor, Paddypower. With accounts with Coral, Tote, StanJames Boyles, Bluesquare, Sportingbet and Betfred also being very useful.

And you’ll also need to be able to act on the advice I send you each day around midday.

Action Steps

  • Set up separate betting account with a UK debit card facility if possible.
  • Open accounts with all of the above firms registering that card. Note: DO NOT use the links form websites such as oddschecker to open accounts, this can put you on a list of “expensive clients” as they will pay a commission to the referrer.
  • Make a plan for your stakes, betting bank etc. (see Article 1)
  • Join Winning Racing Tips and start betting and recording your results.
  • Spend your profits!

Ok, Ok Ok. For some of you there may be hurdles involved and it might not all be that simple.  So let’s look at the possible obstacles and the workarounds.  Starting with that Elephant that’s in the room:

Bookmaker Restrictions and closures.

I’m not going to try and pretend this doesn’t pose a problem, because it does.

But how many tips services can actually say that the main reason people stop subscribing is because bookmakers no longer want their subscribers business?

Very few I can tell you that.

So what can we do to combat this significant problem?

Well first of all don’t get greedy, of you can take £2000 – £3000 a year out of the bookmakers be happy with that. (Much more than this, for more than a year or two and you’re almost certainly facing some problems with some bookmakers)

But even for the punter that is just starting out and betting in the £5 to £25 range its important to take steps to safeguard accounts the best you can, from an early stage.

So here’s my top tips for prolonging the use of your betting accounts.

1)      Open accounts directly, NOT through 3rd party links.

If you go through Oddschecker or the like to open your accounts they’ll be paying a commission to the 3rd party for your business, that makes you an expensive customer and potentially one that they will get shot of quicker should you show a profit, or bet in “unprofitable” markets.

2)      Keep THEIR liability down.
Don’t think in terms of “this is only a £15/£25/£50  bet” , work out the bookmakers liability. So £25 each way @ 10/1 is actually a £300 risk from the bookies perspective.
”Only £300” I hear you say, but even at that level I’d recommend splitting that into two separate £12.50 each way bets if the prices allow.
Depending on what your staking levels are, try to put a max limit on bookmaker liability of between £150 and £300. Big wins can trigger someone to look at your account so avoiding them could help keep your head below the parapet.

3)      Protect your BOG accounts.
Best of odds guaranteed is a great concession, so you need to protect the accounts that offer it. So place all bets where BOG isn’t necessary with non-BOG firms.
This means when a price looks quite likely to shorten, or at least unlikely to get much bigger, use the likes of Tote, StanJames, Bluesquare, Sportingbet, Corals or Skybet.

4)      Mix it up a bit.
You don’t want to placing all these each way bets on just a couple of accounts. If you’ve got many accounts there’s no reason why you’d have to place more than a few bets each month with one particular firm. Diversifying your betting portfolio with  a series of bets backing win only, or backing in another sport such as football, tennis or golf will also help to hide your each way value backing.

5)      Remember, bookmakers DO NOT LIKE taking the each way bets that I tip with Winning Racing Tips, however if you keep your stakes down to reasonable levels, and utilise as many different accounts as you can, I believe you can stay with this strategy for a long, long time largely unhindered by bookmaker restrictions.

Above all though keeping your VOLUME down in terms of both stakes and number of bets with any one bookmaker I believe is key to keeping them open long term. Just because you might be able to get on a bet of £100 each way now doesn’t mean they will always accept such a bet, so play it safe from the start and spread stakes as much as possible.


But I’ve been closed/restricted already on several fronts!?

Ok if this is you you’re options are limited but there are options.

Firstly lets consider Pseudo accounts, that is accounts in someone else’s name.

At this point I should say that I’m not advocating this in any way and of course I must tell you that it’s your responsibility to adhere to the relevant laws in yout country and the terms and conditions of the bookmakers.

That said here is the basic approach to opening and using Pseudo accounts:

-Find a friend or family member to help, (that trusts you and vice versa)

-They’ll need a bank account you can fund, preferably one that they don’t use.

So they can either open a new one, or perhaps a better option – switch their current banking over to a new account and then let you use the old, now dormant account. This way they can get something out of it, for example First Direct are currently offering £100 cashback.

-Once this is set up you simply use that debit card to fund/withdraw from the bookmakers as you need to.

-BUT… If bookmakers can trace a link between the accounts they will act. Therefore it is necessary to use a different internet connection to avoid the IP (your web address) from being traced. It is also wise to use a different computer to avoid cookies (data stored within your computer) linking you to the new accounts.

– One way to achieve this is rent a “Vitual Personal Server”. This way you can operate a remote computer from your own desktop. There is a cost involved in this though and perhaps here isn’t the best place to go into technical details.

Simple ways to use a different computer/IP:

– Use  a smartphone (that’s has never accessed any other accounts)

– Get a “MIFI” device from Three (or alternative), and use that to connect either a new computer or another device such as a netbook, smartphone, laptop or tablet to the internet.

– A whole new set up could cost you less than £250 if you shop around. (Tablet PC’s from £80 at ebuyer, Three Premium dongle with 12 months/12GB internet £99.99)


So closed accounts needn’t be the end of the road. But you’ll probably need a friend or family member you can trust (who trusts you) and you’ll also need to employ good practices, such as I’ve mentioned above to avoid your new accounts being shut down just as quickly as the first set.

 Other possible hurdles: 

 “I don’t have access to a computer during the day”

No problem. Firstly, do you have a smartphone? Because that’s the same thing really!

You’ll get all the tips sent to your phone (wherever you are in the world) via text message. You wont need to bet instantly, within 20-30 mins of getting the text is fine.

You have the option of either calling the bets through to the bookmakers or using your phone to access the internet. is a great mobile enhanced site although the better phones will have no problems loading the normal sites. If this is too technical for you pop into a local mobile phone shop, they will probably take great pleasure in showing you how quick and easy it is!

 “I’m too busy, I cant go running around placing bets all day!” 

Its only going to take a minute or so to place a bet and there are only about 20 selections a month, so its not something that’s likely to inconvenience you at all.

“The subscription is too much for me”

I’ve deliberately kept the rates in the affordable range to allow most people to start with Winning Racing Tips. At £299.95 a year its going to cost you a lot less than some much more risky options with how should a put it… lesser moral integrity!

However, I’m looking to get on board NEW members right now, that haven’t seen my service before and therefore for those of you that are not members (or past members) I’m offering a one time very special deal…

Join now and get 6 months membership for the price of 3.

You pay only £99.95 and get FULL access until well into January 2013.
This is about the lowest price I’ve offered and represents a fantastic opportunity to get on board and start making profits.

This offer is exclusive for my BPB readers only.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that it is entirely possible to start making a decent profit from my service, so go to now and select the 6 months option using coupon code ED669 on the sign up form to secure your special price. (It will take £70 off)

If somehow I’ve not convinced you that I can make you a nice profit, from proven profitable each way betting advice, then please do get in touch and tell me why!


Still to come in the last Workshop Article :

  •  Dealing with information overload
  • An open Q & A

  • More from this Author
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12 thoughts on “Workshop Article 3: How to make Money with Winning Racing Tips & The dealing with bookies restrictions.”

  1. interestead in joining but need another few weeks to build up a betting bank and also i dont want to open any more accounts.have 365 boyle stan paddyand bet fred already. i could back at the shops but i work shifts so would need to know info the night before.

  2. Hi Paul
    Most of the BOG Bookies have restricted or closed my accounts and I appreciate and understand using Pseudo accounts. Is it not possible to use Betfair as their prices are on par or better than the bookies.
    Kind Regards
    Ron Campbell

    1. Betfair is no use for this particular strategy as they do not offer each way betting. (Place betting markets are not the same).
      It is very useful for many other strategies and I certainly advocate using Betfair whenever possible, so long as you are getting the best prices, obviously you negate the need for bookmakers with Betfair but I find that BOG bookies are still required for a fair chunk of betting on horse racing.

  3. I have recently subcribed to the SBC and it was they who brought me to your website with some positive comments on your service my initial concerns all revolve around the profits you can expect to earn annually you have been very honest with your figures and are quite clearly a realist in profits the average member can expect to earn which i appreciate and fully understand from my own past experience of the need to bet under the radar of bookmakers with lower staking plans rather then trying to continally place above average sums betfred are the worst in my book Fred Done may be shouting is mouth off about been the bonus king but goes running scared soon as someone it’s the radar in the liabilities dept.Anyway my concerns are this i would assume your profits are based on members gaining the price you advise at the time of your selection goes out. How confident are you this can happen the vast majority of the time. Past experience tells me if you have a reasonable amount of members trying to get on within 15mins of the message going out that price will shrink and if your advising profits can be achieved in the region of 2k then by the time i have paid your annual fees and taken into account the reduction in quoted prices attained i may be looking at only earning in the region of 50-60% of what your suggesting in your figures. am I correct or not. Regards E Jones

    1. Prices are not a problem at all, in fact I’ve had times when I’ve had a much larger membership than I have now and still haven’t had a problem with prices going too quickly. I always check them after I’ve advised a bet for 20-30 mins.
      Also I record results to what prices I actually take myself, even though I’ve a few accounts shut down, so sometimes members can get better prices that I can.
      Never had one person complain that results where not achievable due to price availability in 6 years.

    1. I don’t offer it right now I’m afraid. What would be your specific reservations before joining? – Please be honest, if you don’t feel that you trust what I say or the published results then please, please say so!!
      I will try to alleviate any fears.

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    1. Hi,
      If £5 is your maximum stake (And I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to bet outside their comfort zone) then probably not. I’d advise you take my free systems (see and also check out the free selections that are on my forum.

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