Best Odds Guaranteed – How much money is it worth?

Best Odds Guaranteed. It sounds good but what does it really mean for us punters?
And what will Best Odds Guaranteed do for you in practice?

I’ve been recommending using Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG for short) bookmakers to subscribers to my Winning Racing Tips service ever since they started running the offer.
It was immediately clear that it was a very nice concession. As you can take price without having to think if its likely to be a drifter or a steamer, since if it drifts to a bigger Starting Price, you’ll get paid that bigger price.

At first it was just one or two firms and then soon it was almost all the main bookmakers that you’ll see on a comparison site such as Oddschecker.  Punters had it pretty good, but soon enough some punters started using the bookies generosity against then with a system designed to take full advantage of Best Odds Guaranteed, effectively beating the bookmakers over round. Now bookmakers don’t like winning punters, we all know that, but they probably hate punters that beat them at their own game even more. So many people found that they had their rights to BOG prices removed and/or accounts restricted/closed.  Bookmakers Totesport, StanJames and Corals decided simply to withdraw their best odds price promise altogether. Although Stan James do now offer BOG on board prices, that is those derived from the on course shows from about 10 mins before the off time.
What we are left with now is 7 firms offering BOG prices: Bet365, Ladbrokes, Paddypower, WilliamHill, BetVictor, Boylesports and Betfred. That should be plenty for most punters and even those that stake larger amounts should be able to use BOG prices provided they keep their heads under the parapet by not overloading any one account and using non BOG bookmakers or Betfair when a BOG price isn’t important.

One type of punter that bookmakers normally welcome with open arms is a favourite backer. This to them is the type of punter that is looking for winners not value, the type that will invariably make them a nice profit in the long run. So backing short priced favourites, often odds-on shots is quite unlikely to draw any unwelcome attention from the bookmakers decision makers and therefore also unlikely to effect your ability to get BOG prices.

Why is this relevant?

Well I want to show you some figures from a system I’ve been proofing on my forum.
It selects clear favourites that are very often odds-on, and at least thus far, is proof that backing the right short priced favourites is far from a mugs game.
(Since 25/8/11)
234 selections, 141 winners, 60% strike rate.

  • Profit at SP: 22.73pts, 10% ROI.
  • Profit betting at early prices with BOG:  44.89pts, 19% ROI.

The system has been very impressive indeed, but what I find perhaps most interesting about this is the massive differential between the SP profits and the profit using BOG prices. The profit this system makes is almost DOUBLED by using early BOG prices. It is quite clear that these selections do tend to go off at an SP that’s shorter than the best morning price. But they are not all steamers; recently we had a 5/2 winner at SP that was 15/8 best price in the morning, and that was by no means an isolated example. What this huge difference in profit means is that even if the system were to have only “broke even” at SP, we’d still be a healthy 22pts up by utilising best early prices with BOG bookmakers. It is a perfect example of how taking a best price with a BOG bookmaker can really work, and how important they are.

I am personally backing these selections myself and am nicely in front.  For the time being I’m posting them free of charge on my forum here:


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Out of his home office in Canvey Island, Paul Ruffy has been helping people turn a profit year on year since 2006 he now runs both and His goal is to help people make money through betting, without losing a fortune in the process!

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6 thoughts on “Best Odds Guaranteed – How much money is it worth?”

  1. Hello Paul, there are a couple of important things which used to be available for free years ago but are now difficult to find.The first is speed figures for each race and the other standard/record times for each course.Raceform Update is no longer published,the Racing Post charges for times,the Sporting Life website as with RP shows race time in the results but no reference (as they used to when it was a newspaper)to faster or slower than standard.It means one must purchase the raceform notebook for the season to access info that should be in the public area for free.Even having that is no guarantee of an advantage,the best i can do is achieve a 1in3 strike rate through assessing class(up and down) it’s no wonder the bookies are flush with cash.You need to devote a lot of time(pardon the pun) to this game and expect ups and downs.Unless connected with good stable info(yes it exists) the uninformed has little chance.Have you any good reports about ‘’ as they look to have a sensible approach to speed? Regarding yourself i believe you are one of the few honest people who is genuinely seeking as we are that elusive goal of consistency.

  2. Thanks for your comments Eric,
    Speed ratings aren’t really my thing, I tend to specialise in maidens and hurdles and look for trainer angles along with other things, I’ve not used informs stuff but I’m sure their stuff must be quite useful for those that know how to use it.

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  5. Hi Paul,
    I have just had my best odds guaranteed concession removed by one of the big betting companies, presumably because I’m in profit… is this something you’ve come across? (Needless to say, I won’t be using them again).

    1. Yes, It seems more and more common.
      Boyles, Beftred are pretty poor. But personally I’ve just been either closed or restricted to very small bets with many firms now. I’m able to operate and get BOG most of them time still, however I ‘m putting too much pressure on key accounts, and I’ll therefore be using psuedo accounts in the near future.
      I think we’ll see more of this, more punters opening new accounts in friends names, and then more resticting etc etc, its a vicious circle. Just have to try and get as much out of each account as possible by using them carefully, as discussed in other articles.

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