Betfolio Review (Matt Bisogno’s)

Betfolio Review:
Betfolio is Matt Bisogno’s new site that has launched today,
he’s offering a free guide detailing 13 “Under the Radar” Irish Trainers.
You can download it by entering your email address on this page.

Betfolio - full review to follow


This free guide/system is well presented to Matt’s usual high standards, and
more importantly highlights some interesting angles that promise to be profitable.
I’ll be keeping tabs on this great little free offering to see how it does.
Its obvious though that Matt will have lots more “Betfolio”content that he has yet to reveal, but having seen many of Matt’s systems (lots of which he has never made public) I fully expect this to be pretty good.
You can get access to his free Irish Trainers system from this page now. (You needn’t worry about email privacy, as his emails ALWAYS include an un-subscribe link at the bottom.)
Update: 1/3/2012 (Initial Review)
I’ve now had a good look around, inside the members area of Betfolio. So here’s some detail on what’s on offer and  what I think of it.

Betfolio Members Area

Betfolio is essentially a portfolio of racing systems, with monthly systems and analysis released on a monthly basis. As it stands you get four year round systems called “Hardy Perennial” Systems along with March content including Cheltenham stuff. Obviously the proof will in the pudding so to speak, but I’ve had a look at each system so I’ll give you my take on each.
Ugly and Overpriced System
This is a fairly basic system, which means its easy to find selections. The rationale looks sound and even without checking, I suspect following this would prove profitable. However there are no results shown in the pdf.
Level Up and Over System
This is trainer based system, more to my liking. Again the rationale looks sound, and according to the results shown it has been profitable over the last 6 years, including this one so far. I haven’t checked this personally yet, but I trust the results that Matt publishes. The ROI is very high on this one, about 44%, which I suspect is perhaps a little to high to sustain, so that would be the only caution.
AW Quick Atoner System
This is a  system based upon a fairly well tred idea, and one that I developed a system from in about late 2010,  it looked great on paper but didn’t pass my own testing phase so it’ll be interesting to see how this variant fairs. I wouldn’t personally back these selections before looking at a decent paper trading phase but the past performance is certainly impressive with a quoted 123pts profit in the last 4 years.
The Job Jockey
This is one that I think Matt showed me a while ago, its a really interesting angle this and I’ve been following its progress without backing them since late last summer. Unfortunately I cant say its delivered profits yet. Looking at the exact rules one trainer has now been omitted, which may or may not have anything to do with the profitability I’ve recorded. Either way a watching brief for me.
That’s the “Hardy Perennials”  dealt with so now onto the March specific content:

The Betfolio March content
The Betfolio March Content

Late season hunters is an approach based on the time of year (March/April) , race type, price, and couple of other rules. It looks logical, and like the Ugly and Over priced system is essentially a low risk system due to the odds range it works in. This is unlikely to set the world on fire but looks a decent example of a system that could show steady profits and of course bring your turnover up.
The March trainers report shows you four trainers, ignoring the obvious and often over bet ones, that have shown a profit over the last four seasons and importantly,  have shown very decent strike rates too. There’s no guarantee these guys will be profitable again this March but you’d certainly want them onside and this kind of information is certainly well worth having.
I’m running out of time here now, but having a quick look at the Cheltenham guides theres another 19 pages of quality information in there. (Which I’ll probably take a closer look at for myself as the festival comes round!)
Its becoming pretty clear that you’re getting a lot for your money with this membership, I mean I haven’t even looked at the Bonus Items yet or (obviously) the remaining 9 months worth of systems/reports.
So, Is Betfolio for you/ Will it MAKE MONEY.
What is unique about Betfolio is firstly that its written buy IMO, one of the better systems creators in the market. And to be clear about this, it is very important to understand that anyone can create a good “looking” racing system, but to create one that looks good on paper, but is also based on sound logic and that will continue to show profits is another thing altogether.
Secondly, The Value.
I’ve never seen so much on offer for a relatively low price. Now I would ultimately judge this on profit made in the long run. But just on quality, quantity and potential uses of the information provided you cannot ask for more.
And the downside?
Well its not totally clear how much “real world” testing has taken place on the systems on offer here, plus we dont know how much the market might be affected by new backers.
Apart from that the other thing worth mentioning is Price Stipulations.
Now I like the MIN price stipulations, they are obvious as below that price you are not betting because the value isn’t there, simples.  But plenty of systems here have MAX price stipulations which I don’t really like. It can make monitoring results difficult and leads to several grey areas with the was it/wasn’t it a selection debate. To be fair though the site has prominent note posted regarding this potential issue and is clear that it shouldn’t be an issue in the long run due to “swings and roundabouts”. I agree in this regard but I can see a few novice punters annoyed by it.
Hope thats provided you with a little more insight from another viewpoint on this. I believe this is a great value product, that has potential to make some decent profits and is certainly one that you can buy without worry as you are covered by Clickbank’s 100% money back guarantee.
Get it here : 

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4 thoughts on “Betfolio Review (Matt Bisogno’s)”

  1. Matt seems a very genuine bloke who thoroughly researches each system he releases, however the problem for me – which I don’t think will be unique – is that although I’d like to sign up to Matt’s service, I just don’t have time to use manual selection methods.

    I subscribe to several systems at present and so have gone down the portfolio route, but if you’re working all day there isn’t a lot of spare time left after getting home at night and updating the results for existing systems.

    I know you only get out what you put in, but equally there’s only so many hours in the day. 🙁

    1. Hi Steve, Yes I know exactly what you mean about hours in the day!
      The selections are posted for Matt’s methods though, so there is no need to work them out manually, (not sure what time this is done).
      But yes, following lots of methods/systems can be difficult, particularly as bets normally have to be placed all in the morning.
      At the end of the day, running a portfolio requires a degree of choice as to what works best and suits the individual, and it might be the case that many choose to “cherry pick” from Matt’s systems.
      P.S Please also check out the free selections on my forum, sometimes the Lucky 15s are available the evening before, and I’m thinking about doing
      this for some other systems as well, the only problem being I like to record the best morning price, after the main bookies have priced up.

  2. From first reading it – with tired eyes I hasten to add – I’d thought they were manual selections. Cherry picking is something to bear in mind, although what it boils down to for part-time folks like myself is the volume of bets involved and can getting them on be squeezed into lunch breaks.

    When God invented days and weeks, he forgot about part-time punters…

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