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Lucky 15 Bets have got a reputation as a “mug punters” bet.  But I’m going to suggest that Lucky 15 bets can be a useful weapon to attack the bookmaker with – when used in the right situations. Firstly though I want to cover exactly what a Lucky 15 bet is, plus how and where to place them. A Lucky 15 Bet is 4 selections – typically horses, with “full cover”, meaning that all the multiple bet options are covered. So the 15 bets are 4 single win bets, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and one four fold.  Here is what a typical betting slip looks like:

Lucky 15 Bets - typical bet slip
Lucky 15 Bets - typical bet slip

You should always note the terms for your Lucky 15 Bets. Here Coral are offering “double the odds” for only one winner. But shop around and you will very often find Triple the odds for one winner, meaning you’ll get three times the odds should only one of your selections win.  Smaller, independent bookmakers will often offer triple the odds, such as the example below.

Lucky 15 Pridmore
Lucky 15 Bet Slip from Pridmore

Of the larger firms, Betfred is the only one that will offer you treble the odds on one winner. But the big bonus you get with them is that you’ll also get “Best Odds Gauranteed” prices when betting online.

Betfred Lucky 15 terms
Betfred Lucky 15 Terms

Also if you have a local Betfred shop,  often other local bookmakers, including the big firms such as Hills, Ladbrokes and Corals will “match” the triple odds promise to secure your business. Its a case of “Don’t ask, don’t get”. At the time of writing Corbettsports will also offer you treble odds and best odds guaranteed, on their website, but people have reported trouble getting bets accepted with them.
Ok so that covers the how and where to place your Lucky 15 Bets, but what about finding the right selections? One useful tactic is to utilise the “place” part of the Lucky 15 bet, by betting them each way. This makes the Lucky 15 Bet 30 bets in total, so a £1 each way Lucky 15 would cost a total of £30 (15 win bets plus 15 place bets). Here you are looking for selections that are very likely to make the frame and hence fill a place at least.  If you get all four placed you will very often show a profit on the bet even without one winner.
At the time of writing one of my contributors is offering his Lucky 15 Bets via my forum at

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13 thoughts on “Lucky 15 Bets”

  1. Very good piece Paul, and written far more concisely than I would have managed.
    The “Big Three” bookmakers require their staff to phone the raceroom with any Each-Way Lucky 15 with a stake of £3 E/W or more…….now that should tell you something!!!

  2. good review paul,
    ive been with betfred couple of years on line and only do £15 lucky 15,s it wasnt till yesterday i noticed theyve changed their rules.
    had a 20-1 winner but they only paid me the original 10-1 so instead of £61 back got £31 back. (gutted). when i phoned them they said they have sent all customers e-mails explaining this. me or my partner never received no such e-mail.
    regards Phil.

    1. My commiserations, Phillip.

      They emailed me, and I also noticed a day or two later that they flagged it up somewhere on their website. However, I probably wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t been looking for it. If the email’s not in your spam box, it’s lost in cyberspace somewhere, and you can justifiably have a really good moan at Lady Luck.
      I replied to dear old Fred saying I would no longer use his company’s services if they did this.
      They ignored me, so I emptied my account and haven’t used them since.
      They don’t seem to be terribly bothered, which I assume means either they don’t care about losing customers or that they didn’t want Lucky 15 customers on those terms. I suspect the latter.

    2. The Same Thing Happened to Me ! I NEVER Received Word From Betfred of The Change Either ! Is There a Firm That still Offers Treble the Odds and Best odds G’tee ??? Regards

  3. You need to check your returns with Bet fred & tote [who are now owned by Bet fred] as they continue to try to settle my triple odds for 1 winner L15 at the shorter odds on Best odds races!

  4. Betfred is an absolute rip off merchant!! They DO NOT give you best odds guaranteed on lucky 15’s so please get your facts right. Also, every price is at least 2 points lower than most of their competitors so you are always in 2 minds whether to take the low prices offered or not! What Freddie gives with one hand, he takes away double with the other! Just a typical Manyooooo scum fan in reality!

  5. I have (had) accounts with 11 bookmakers and one betting exchange for over ten years. During that time they have all changed their T&Cs to the detriment of the punter. Corals closed my account without explanation (a trading decision) and Boylesport withdrew all the bonus concessions, also a “trading decision” !!
    I am a “believer” in the Lucky 15 bet, but in the past twelve months Betfred, Totesport (now the same organisation) and Paddy Power have all withdrawn some or all of the bonus advantages of this bet (usually discoverable only when you challenge a settlement).To the best of my knowledge there are now no major online bookies offering BOG and treble the odds for one winner. If anyone knows of one please let me know.

  6. Paddy Power have now changed their T & C s for online and text bets so that they do not even pay double odds for one winner in a Lucky 15 .Some selected stores still pay double odds for one winner but not online or text bets. It is a shame as I have been with them for quite a while but will move now.

  7. More than a year after they changed it, I fell foul of the Paddy Power Lucky 15 rule today. Had a 12-1 winner, but lost money instead of winning. A similar thing happened a few weeks ago, with Betway I think.
    What might be useful if someone (you?) could publish a list of what each firm pays for one winner in a Lucky 15. As several correspondents have said above, Betfred’s treble the odds is a con in so many ways, not least in that their odds are always shorter than anyone else’s.
    I’m quite happy with double the odds, but quite frankly single odds is taking the piss.


    Not true with regard to Betfred , BOG and Lucky 15s. I have just had a winning bet which paid £95. According to my calculations on the BOG the return should have been £226 only for Bretfred to answer my query to the effect that BOG is not offered for Lucky 15s. I will now look for a bookie who offers BOG for Lucky 15s. Beware.

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