Bet365 £50 free in play bet – Liverpool v Tottenham, how to guarantee £25-£35 profit.

Bet365 are running this offer once more and yet again it gives us a chance to scalp an easy profit. See my last post to see how I did last time.
For tonight’s game the lowest I’ve been able to “buy” the free bet for is £2.98.
See below:

Basically what I’ve done here is to back Liverpool at 1.95 for £50 with Bet365, and then lay Liverpool for £49.49 at 2.02 on Betfair. That loses me £2.98 whatever the outcome but qualifies me for the free £50 in play bet.
What I do in play will be determined by the odds on offer at Bet365 at half-time, when I will execute the trade to ensure a profit from the free bet. (Doing this at half-time negates any risk of a goal in between bets.)
I’ll post my updates to twitter at halftime detailing exactly what you need to do to guarantee a nice little profit.  Follow me here or see the widget on the right of this page.

Traded out at about 60 mins (Sorry I got sidetracked and missed Half-time!)
I backed Tottenham @ 5.5 with Bet365:

And layed Tottenham on Betfair @ 5.5 (my stakes were calculated at 5.6 as below)
Here’s the Betfair screenshot, it does look a little confusing but all will become clear
when we look at the the final calculations.

Final result 0-0 (not that it matters for us!)
As you can see from the above I will collect £85.53 on my Betfair account, I will lose £100 from my two £50 bets on Liverpool (pre match) and Tottenham in play. However Bet365 should return £50 to my account, meaning my nett profit on the evening will be £35.53.

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