Betting accounts and avoiding closures, what should you do? – Professional Betting Guide reveals all.

Are your betting betting accounts safe?
A friend of mine recently contacted to say that Ladbrokes had closed his account.
When the biggest layer of them all no longer wants your business, getting your bets on is (or already is) about to start getting hard. Now my friend as it happens has had a couple of really profitable years, following various racing and sports bets, and he does bet in the £50’s and £100’s, rather than the £5, £10’s and £20’s.  But do not make the mistake of thinking that bookmaker closures and restrictions are something that only those making tens of thousands have to worry about.  I personally have had betting accounts closed or restricted that I know for a fact I’ve only won a few hundred pounds from. (In fact looking in more detail, I’ve had at least two accounts closed or restricted that I have either won little or lost money with!) So you may be a lot closer to seeing this happen to you than you think. It seems the noose is tightening on winning punters, bookmakers are trying to save pennies like all businesses and it seems they are getting ever more intolerant of the odd winning account.
It seems unfair, and basically it is. Here is an industry that sells itself on taking bets, and on the promise that you have sporting chance of winning, yet real winners are locked out. Its  spoken about hardly at all in the media, who rely very much on bookmaker advertising for revenue. But bookmakers are culling anyone that even smells like a winning punter with what seems like ever increasing regularity.

Few can evade the ever watchful evil eye of the bookmakers

Due to my own betting habits I’ve got some level of restriction or total closure with seven or eight of the main UK firms that take horse racing bets.
Its time to fightback.

Well firstly I hear a lot of you shouting “Betfair is the answer!”.

Firstly, Betfair is far from fair, search for an article I wrote on this blog a few months back to see why.
Plus, Betfair doesn’t offer each way betting, doesn’t offer best odds guarantees, doesn’t always have the liquidity to take your bet, and doesn’t always have the best price.
Now don’t get me wrong, a Betfair account is an essential tool for anyone that bets, but for
professional gamblers, a set of unrestricted bookmaker accounts is key.
A pro punter without a set of accounts is like Lance Armstrong without a bike. – Stationary.
But how can we fight back? How can YOU safeguard your accounts, or open fresh ones, and be sure to extract the maximum amount of use from them?

The answer is the start thinking like a bookie, to start using clever tactics to disguise your winning habits, to start fooling them into thinking your just another mug punter.

Now there are lots of tipsters and other systems/services (amongst the thousands of useless ones) that can and will give you profitable bets. But how much real world advice is there out there on avoiding bookmaker closures and restrictions? Meaning you can stay in the game long term?
This really is an key information that every professional or “nearly” professional needs to know. These days you need to have a well laid out strategy for how you are going to use your accounts before you begin to bet with them. If you don’t, and you win, at best your profits will be hindered by an inability to get the best price, and at worst, your winning run may come to an abrupt and premature end.
I believe it can be done, and looking back if I’d have had plan I’m sure I could have kept more (if not all) of my accounts out of gaze of the evil bookmaker traders!

The guys at SBC have published all their expertise in The Pro Betting Guide, and have agreed to offer very limited number of exclusive copies to you, my readers.
This limited edition package includes three key parts:

  1. An expert guide to avoid bookie restrictions and closures.
  2. The SBC portfolio manager – A sophisticated spreadsheet for tracking and monitoring your progress.
  3. An expert guide to successful professional betting.

The restrictions and closures part is a very detailed account and is worth the price alone in my opinion.  Now this isn’t cheap, at £199. But for those that are making, or indeed on their way to making a several thousand pounds (or euros) of profit from the bookmakers it represents a very solid investment.
So I am certainly recommending this for anyone who would put themselves in the “Pro” bracket. But what about everyone else?

Well, thinking about this, EVERYONE that plans to make a nice profit from betting needs to at least know the stuff in this guide.
I mean can you really put a price on the formula for being able to take £25-30K p/a from the bookmakers year on year?
The fact is that anyone that starts betting and starts winning significant amounts is going to sooner or later run into problems getting their money down. You can either put strategies in place to avoid that happening for as long as possible, with a plan in place to know how to continue even after accounts are closed, or you watch your accounts get closed, your profits die, and ultimately your pro betting career come to a premature end.

The other big part of this package is the “Guide to Successful Betting”.
This is a 41 page document covering every angle and detail that someone wanting to set up a winning portfolio of services should know. Its a point of reference for anyone starting out and contains some very good advice. Its not the most exciting read, but what you’re getting here is basically a blueprint on how to be professional gambler. That is, a professional gambler running a portfolio, not necessarily picking your own bets. (Although the principles are the same.)
So the Pro Betting Guide Package comes highly recommended. At £199 it isn’t for everyone, but if you are serious about wanting to run a winning portfolio, then it really is only a small investment, and an absolutely crucial one in terms of an education.
There are only 10 copies available right now, so if you think that sounds like you, snap this up quickly.
Take a look here.

If you’re not ready for that yet and are simply on the look out for more proven, profitable tipsters, then I would recommend joining Secret Betting Club.
(Ideally you want both the guide and an SBC membership, the guide will tell you how to run and manage a portfolio, the SBC Memberhship will show you what tipsters to include in it!)

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5 thoughts on “Betting accounts and avoiding closures, what should you do? – Professional Betting Guide reveals all.”

  1. Sounds like me mate – Backed a horse the other day on the Pricewise Extra that fell out the stalls and finished fast after loosing 10 lenghts at the start – Naged Him – run today at Wolverhampton in the 9.20 and bolted up by 6 lengths – why I am I hacked off – £25 each way @ 12/1 = Yes it wo should have been £60 each way – mind you 7lb claimer if it had of lost 10L at start would have got beat 4L – Not bad day £510 up after eveything including your 8/1 winner mate – Cheers Steve

    1. What he is saying is that he is the one that has had his account restricted/closed, and that he backed a horse tipped by Pricewise extra that started very slowly but finished fast. He put this horse on his “nag-me” list (which lets you know when a horse is running next) and backed it on its next run, when it won. He only got £25 e/w when he wanted £60 due to restrictions.

  2. I have used Betfair and more times than not they offer better prices than bookies and I have never had a problem with liquidity in horse racing or football. As for each way betting I dont do eachway so I guess I am lucky.

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