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Just a quick update here on my previous post about Assured Soccer Profits.
The first thing to add here is that one of my gripes about the method in my previous post, was the difficulty in comprehending the manual and the lack of clearly defined guidelines.
Well John has addressed that point and buyers now receive a “quick start” guide,  at just 24 pages long (with a contents page this time!) this is far more concise and whilst not covering as much as the main manual it is exactly what was needed in my opinion.
So having been slightly unsure about the method going into my testing phase with this, I can now say that I find the method quite simple and that the tools in terms of calculators make the job even easier.
As promised I’ve tested the method over 20 matches and whilst I should reiterate that this isn’t going to give as accurate an outlook as a longer term trial, it should act as a barometer for you to guage what you might expect as a newbie starting with Assured Soccer Profits.

My actual results

You’ll notice that it took me 29 days to do 20 matches, this is due to my lack of time rather than a lack of matches to trade. I think it would be possible to do as many matches in around a week or so if you had the time.
So what of my experience with this?
Well you’ll see from the results I achieved , that certainly the small but consistent profits that this method promises are achievable. It should be noted that the £16.27 loss I incurred on the third game, was partly due to my lack of experience with the system, and with the 20 games under my belt I would have dealt with that differently. But also that I do feel that I was perhaps lucky with some games. (Arsenal’s last minute winner coming to mind).
The spreadsheet screenshot is from the actual sheet supplied with the product, which is a nice touch, it shows that even with my very casual approach to finding games, I would be looking at a profit of £648 a year – not life changing, but worthwhile.

Looking for negatives, I would say that the liquidity criteria is perhaps a shade on the low side, as I found myself drawn towards the top leagues and bigger matches with very high liquidity, rather than going for any match that filled the criteria set out.  In these lower liquidity matches I felt that there wasn’t enough action in play, and closing my position was sometimes problematic.  That’s something to bear in mind if you buy this. I would also say that there is certainly a learning curve to go through, but the support is there should you need it.

All in all I think its clear that the method works. So for those looking for small but consistent gains, starting with a relatively small bank, I’d certainly say its worth considering.

Assured Soccer Profits

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