I love the smell of Free Money in the morning (inc Bonus Bagging review!)

I love the smell of free money in the morning... smells like...Victory.

Free Money.
Is there such thing?
They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, well it just aint true.
In fact I know that you could probably pay regularly for your breakfast, lunch and dinner with it.

Many companies will offer a cash incentive for you to use their services, bookmakers offer free bets, since this is the currency they deal in.  The trick is to convert these free bets into cash in your bank account. Its not very hard and it takes no time at all. In fact I could probably have done it several times during the time it’ll take me to write this.
For example last week I got a mailshot from Coral, offering me a free bet of £100 if I placed a bet of £200 on my telebet account.  I immediately knew I could make an easy profit from this so here’s what I did:
Firstly I had to bet £200 to get the free £100 bet. I didn’t want to risk £200 to do this so I knew I had to lay the same bet on Betfair (or Betdaq) . As you pay commission on winnings at Betfair/Betdaq, doing this does cost a small amount. Plus you need to find odds that are as close as possible so that you win and lose amounts that are almost identical on both sides of the bet. Thankfully there are many online calculators that will find the right bets and work out the stakes for you!
(In the example below I used http://www.ifreebet.co.uk/betcalculator)

Having placed the £200 bet, I immediately got a £100 free bet and I went back to the same calculator to find a suitable bet. Here’s what I come up with:

You will note that the calculator works out the exact stakes so that you get the same amount out of the result, whichever way it goes.  So in the example above I lost £3.45 on the Tranmere Oldham game and won £60.73 on the Accrington Stanley Swindon game. A profit of £57.28.
This is the essence of what the Bonus Bagging product is about. Call it what you like: Bookie Scalping, Matched betting or Bonus Bagging –  its all the same.

The Bonus Bagging formula is no secret, but the site does make the process straightforward for the newbie or the just plain lazy.

I’m quite familiar with this process thanks to sites like bet72.com & juicestorm.com . There are lots of sites that all offer a degree of free content, and if you are familiar with the process then you can do this right away.  If however you aren’t totally at ease with this and want to be guided through the whole process, and literally have exactly what you’ve got to do spelled out to you, then I can recommend the BonusBagging site to you.
It does cost £32 but for that you get access to a members site, a new user guide, and “email support”.
The email support is where the value lies .
You see you tell Mike (who runs BonesBagging) the accounts you have/dont have, and then simply click a button on the site and he emails you right back with an offer to do straight away. He says that he normally gets back to you within 5 minutes,  I tested this today and it was the case.
But why pay for information that you can find out for free yourself?
Well like I said you can do this yourself but Mike is offering something a little more with Bonus Bagging, for example having read the user guide I found out that I could have made probably more than £70 as oppose to the £57 that I made off my own back in the example above. Its also hard to put a value on having a single port of call as Mike offers, with someone to hold your hand as you go.  If you follow his very straightforward advice, you will certainly make the £32 back in no time at all, and could easilly make well over a grand out of this, and carry on going.
Take a look at this diary from another site: http://www.ifreebet.co.uk/betcalculator, after 40 bets this guy is over £1800 quid to the good, all risk free.

The only issue I would say that might crop up is the odds changing. You need to careful and be set up with both sides of the bet ready to be placed at the click of a button in two seperate tabs, before placing either bet. The email I got from Mike asked me to back a team at 3.0 with a bookmaker, I opened an account with the bookmaker in question which only took a couple of minutes, but the price wasn’t there (it was 2.75).
I therefore did my own research looking for another bet, the standard calculator such as shown above at ifreebet was no good for this one though, as it was a “first bet refund offer”. (You are betting with your money, but you’ll get it back if it loses.) This requires a different calculator and I found one here: http://www.freebets4all.com/matcher.aspx
The above site will also give you all the required bet stakes and as you can see, I was able to secure £21.33 from this. Here are my bets:
I win £165 with the bookmaker if its a draw but lose £143.68 on Betfair leaving a £21.32 profit. If its not a draw I win £21.33 with Betfair and lose nothing with the bookmaker as my stake is refunded (and is withdrawable).

So to summarise its hard for me to knock the Bonus Bagging product, as I’ve made £21 from it that I probably wouldn’t have known about/actioned.  But I feel I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t point out that everything you need to both learn and action this strategy is available for free, at the sites I’ve mentioned already.

I would recommend this to anyone but especially those just starting out with betting, or looking to build a betting bank. Not only will you make a tidy sum from it, but for the novice punter it instils discipline, teaches odds calculations and establishes a large range of betting accounts that will be useful in the long run.

Sorry about the tedious “Apocalypse Now” link  by the way, but free money is pretty cool.
If you like free money too, post a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “I love the smell of Free Money in the morning (inc Bonus Bagging review!)”

  1. Thanks for pointing this website out for us, I have made £105 in my first week. This really is free money! I can’t believe it!

  2. hi there..
    can u explain me why in your second bet of Coral of the 100 stake, you lay at just 63.92? how about if u lay at 101.15? u get much more profit than 57.28..
    as about the system for sure works..

    1. Hi,
      thanks for your comments, I believe you’ve missed the jist of it there.
      You have to “under lay” the odds so that you win whatever the outcome. If you lay off the full amount you’ll only win on one side of the outcome. If you’d change the figures to what you suggest, in the example shown you’d end up with a win £163/ lose £163 situation if the team won, i.e zero profit, and a £100 profit if they lost. That is leaving it down to chance. Using the method shown guarantees a profit. Go to the calculator and mess around with the figures if need be until you understand it, thats what I do!

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