Assured Soccer Profits Football Trading Method – initial thoughts

ASP is a strategy in the form of a guide book, and membership site

The moment I heard that John Duncan would be releasing a new football trading product I was interested to see it. For those that are new to the market and having been living anywhere near planet Betfair for the last few years, John Duncan created what is regarded as “The Godfather” of in-play football trading strategies around 5 or 6 years ago when he released “The Football Cash Generator”.

At the time very few people knew about the possibilities with in-play trading and it was an eye opener for the masses.  In fact it was probably the masses that where its downfall as what was initially an almost certain profit maker, became very difficult to use due to the amount of people trying to do the exact same thing in the same markets.  That is the worry of course with all in play “systems”,  you simply cannot have everyone trying to take the same money in a market at the same time. Which I feel is probably why there aren’t that many really good systems available – a good system needs to target a very specific set of circumstances and therefore people tend to realise that they need exclusivity with their approach. And keep it too themselves.
Take the Betfair trading shops for example, these have mega fast internet connections and as close to live feeds as possible to give the in-play horse racing traders an edge. Ask those in-play traders that pay a hefty fee to use these facilities what angles they use to make their money and I’m fairly certain you’ll be given a short shrift.

But we’re not talking split second racing trades here, a 90 minute football match negates the need to be ultra quick. Plus, things are different now to when the FCG was released some 5 or 6 years ago though, the liquidity in the markets is huge and its hard to imagine that any one system could make such a splash in the pond with it having grown to something more like an ocean.

So what of Assured Soccer Profits?

Firstly I have to point out that this is collaboration between John Duncan and Geoff Parle, I have no experience of Geoff up until this product so I’m working from a clean sheet.
Onto the system itself, in fact I wont call it a system, its not. Its sold as a strategy and I think having read it, that you need to be aware of that from the outset.
Assured Soccer Profits isn’t just a book, you get access to a membership site as well which includes a whole load more content, but I’ll start with the written material.
This is 93 pages and for me personally, it took some digesting. It was kind of like eating a large raw vegetable that was hard to swallow. You think it’ll be worth it in the end so you carry on, but its hard work.

I found that it was written in such a way that probably made total sense to the author but unfortunately is hard to understand and needlessly long-winded for the reader.  Maybe its just my reading skills that aren’t up to scratch but that’s how I found it. The actual nuts and bolts of the strategy where kind of “back to front”, like a cookbook telling you how to knead bread dough before its told you the ingredients or even what kind of bread your actually making!

So all in its taken me the best part of two afternoons to go through the strategy and I found the need to take my own notes from different sections of the book to gather the important bits together. Something that I would have preferred had been done for me.
Having gotten the understanding though, I haven’t as yet seen any obvious holes in the approach.
Also I think that my natural impulse to compare this to the FCG system does it a disservice. As it seems that the intention of ASP is to provide only a guideline to the strategy, and thus ensuring everyone uses a subtly different approach, avoiding the situation of everyone trying to get the same odds, in the same market, same match, at the same time.  There is advice from both John and Geoff that suggests different ways of using the system, and this can seem contradictory in certain areas of the explanation. But what I think they are trying to get across is that they want you stick to the idea, but bend the rules.
So those looking for a turnkey simplistic approach may be disappointed.
Although that’s not to say that the basic idea here isn’t quite simple, it operates in one market and you can trade several matches at the same time. All the information you need is in the manual, it could just do with being ordered slightly better.

Ok so that’s the manual covered.
On to the members site and John was keen to point out: “To get the best benefit from the system members must regularly visit the ASP site member area and watch the videos, and especially read Geoff’s Diary.”
Geoff writes about all his trades in a blog format, and there is a lot of members content making this a very comprehensive package. There’s 19 separate tutorial videos to watch and 6 other members downloads including an intuitive “Exit Options” speadsheet and also blank spreadsheet for recording your results.
So although I wasn’t overly impressed with the written side of things, I have to commend what they’ve done with the membership site.

On the whole ASP strikes me as a product that has had a lot of work put into it, and attention to detail, something you cannot say about the vast majority of similar offerings today.

It is billed as “A sensible system for sensible people who want to make small but consistent profits from trading soccer”.  If it delivers that  (and I haven’t seen anything yet that suggests it wouldn’t) then the £89 asking price would look like a very fair deal.

The proof will be in the pudding though and my plan is to put this in to action myself, over about 20 games, and let you know how I get on. That wont provide cast iron proof either way, but it should provide a useful barometer for you.

So look out for an update from me on this, or take a look now if you cant wait.

**update/review here**

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