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The gambling industry as a whole has a pretty bad reputation.
The general consensus is that betting on horse racing, football and other sports is a bad habit that can be both damaging and costly.

Regular gamblers are widely seen as losers and it could be argued that this assumption is true. As the vast majority of punters are losers in the monetary sense.

If you’ve ever tried to tell average Joe that you can win you’ll probably be rebuked with: “There’s only one winner and that’s the bookmaker!”.

Of course anyone with even a passing interest in betting will know that placing bets with a traditional bookmaker isn’t the only option.
We’re in the age of the Betting Exchange.

Power to the people, no bookmaker plus the ability to lay as well as back equals profits for the punter.

Well not quite.

Betfair for one have a made a whole load of dough out of this misconception!

You see the betting exchange is in effect an efficient market, meaning that overall there is no edge for either the backer or the layer. But as Betfair take a commission out of winnings, most players will lose overall.

So whereas with the bookmaker we have the “house edge” (the over round) to beat, with the betting exchanges we have almost no over round but a commission charge of around 5% to beat.

The betting exchanges are a very useful tool but only for the punter that knows how best to use them. A host of bookmaker accounts is still absolutely essential for most Professional Gamblers.

So what about this small percentage of people who are making a profit from their betting? Are they just lucky or are they doing things differently?

Well, let me tell you that in my experience they do things very differently to the average punter. They operate in a professional manner – to them betting is business.

You see I’ve been making a healthy additional income from betting for some time now, and I know several full-time pro-gamblers.

I know that it can be a fairly straightforward exercise for those individuals armed with both the right attitude and the right information.

When I say the attitude, I’m talking about a whole mentality that will keep you on a long, enjoyable and highly profitable road. Without which frustration and potential financial ruin awaits.

The psychological side of winning is in fact so important that I’ve put together a special report, “Secrets to Successful Betting”, which you can download right now, when you sign up for my newsletter – completely free of charge.

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Out of his home office in Canvey Island, Paul Ruffy has been helping people turn a profit year on year since 2006 he now runs both bettingprofitsbulletin.com and matchdayprofits.com His goal is to help people make money through betting, without losing a fortune in the process!

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