Bet365 free £50 in play bet England v Italy – make an easy £30-35

Just a quick post to show you how I’m going to play this one.
Refer back to this post for a step guide on how to get a guaranteed
£30-35 ish profit.
Don’t forget always read the T&C yourself on offers like this. I always check them myself, just to make sure they haven’t moved the goal posts.
Ok, so I’ve looked at the odds and just now I’ve backed the DRAW @ 2/1 with Bet365 for £50, then layed the DRAW @ 3.1 on Betfair for £49.18.
This will cost me £3.28 either way so I’ve “bought” myself a free £50 bet for £3.28.
Here’s the calcs:
Update shortly with what I’m planning in play. (I’ll be out so will probably be using a little guesswork as wont be able to access the calc)
Ok, So here the 2nd half of the plan for tomorrow night.
I wont be able to use my usual calculator as I’ll be up the pub and will have most likely consumed a certain amount of beer!
So, I’ll be getting prices using the Bet365 mobile site and Betfair mobile. I’ll look for something around 6.0 to back in play (at halftime) with Bet365. This might be one of England, Italy or the Draw, depending on the current score. I also could back the current score in the correct score market if they run that in play, or over/under 2.5 or 3.5 as all of those markets will be available in play on Betfair.
I’ll put £50 on my 6.0 bet and then look to lay off on Betfair.
The way I’ll work this lay out is by working out my potential profit with Bet365,
so £50 x 5 = £250.  I don’t want to lay off the full £250 as I want to profit either way so I’ll take 32.50 off that amount, in this case that works out £217.50. Then I’ll divide that amount by the lay odd on Betfair, so say for example they are 7.0 then its £217.50/6, and my lay stake is therefore £36.25.
You can do it that way or of course if you’re in front of a PC you can just use the calculator as described in my step guide!
I will try and post my bets on my Twitter feed at Half Time, but please be prepared to do your own calculations.
One last thing, having checked their T&C its clear they don’t like the offers being taken advantage of in this way so this will be the last time I post my exact bets.
However please email me or use the contact page above if you need any help in future.

Update 26/6:
My plan to trade this at half-time was scuppered when I couldn’t log on to Bet365’s site from my mobile, I couldn’t get through to their phone service either. Today, by way of apology, they have credited my account with £50!
So, alls well that ends well!

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